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This Is How You Can Buy Display Advertising With Lovin Malta

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Not only is our content unique, so is our approach to advertising. We offer native adverting in the form of articles and videos as well as display ads, but we guarantee our banners will be seen!

We don’t sell our ads based on percentage occupancy so you only pay for the times your ad is seen.

We sell our ads by views (impressions) so that means you can decide how many times you want your ad to be shown, you tell us your budget and we will run your ad until the set number of views have been reached. We can specify what days, hours and for as long or short a time period as your campaign requires. 

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The ads run on mobile devices.

The majority of sites are now viewed on mobile so if your ads don’t feature on the mobile site then you could be missing around 60% – 70% of the site’s audience. Our rectangular banner (or MPU) runs across both the website and on mobile. Which means that our mobile ad is much larger than the traditional mobile ads sold on other local sites, it encompasses over 50% of the screen. This also applies to all of our autoplay videos too.

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We don’t accept Google ads.

That means the only way to target Lovin Malta’s highly engaged audience is through our sales team.

Our video ads autoplay across the site

We don’t run pre roll ads, our videos feature within our articles across all pages of the website. The ads play automatically as the reader scrolls through the articles. This means we are not reliant on video content to serve our ads, we have no restriction on length and we can serve them within the same parameters as our normal display banners.

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Here are the dimensions for our ads

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Here are our prices

Display Banners – €4.50 CPM (cost per thousand views)

Autoplay Video – €10.00 CPM (cost per thousand views)

For example 100,000 views of the display banners would cost €450 and €1,000 for 100,000 video views.

For all adverting queries get in touch with us now at [email protected] 79821055 or click here to tell us a bit more about how we can help with your campaigns

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