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This Is How You Can Buy Native Advertising With Lovin Malta

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Lovin Malta is one of the first local sites to offer native advertising and to date we have published over 250 pieces of sponsored content.

Native advertising is a paid advert which looks and feels like the content on which it is placed. It blends in, mimicking the user experience that the platform’s audience normally enjoys. It is non-disruptive and highly engaging which means connection with the audience is significantly higher than with traditional advertising.

Our sponsored articles are read on average over 5,000 times.

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We dedicate a writer to create an article for our clients that not only matches their brief but also reflects our writing style which we know produces a high level of engagement. This combined with the additional Facebook promotion means that the article gets a much wider reach.

We also offer quiz options which invite more interaction with the brand and can add an extra element of fun. Have a look at some examples of previous quizzes and all of our sponsored articles here

The success of our videos is due to the perfect combination of our larger than life personalities and our ever growing audience.

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Video content is an extremely engaging and highly effective storytelling medium. We have our own video production department so we organise everything from idea conception through to the final edit.

Have a look at some of our previous videos here

For all adverting queries get in touch with us now at [email protected] 79821055 or click here to tell us a bit more about how we can help with your campaigns

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