19 Thoughts Everyone Has At Għadira

The thoughts are as plentiful as the beach is big


After much complaining about the shit weather we've been having (in July... in Malta) the sun's finally out. This can only mean one things: half of Malta is currently at, or on the way to, Għadira Bay, Mellieħa. Love it or hate it, you've had to spend some time there. Here are 19 things everyone thinks while they're enjoying their day at Għadira.

Big Ang Beach

1.  "Yeah we’re here. Which side did you say you're on again?"

2. Now, to find a spot where we won’t be forced to pay for an umbrella and deck-chair. 

3. Why do so many European males think it's a good idea to wear speedos? Not everyone can be Tom Daley. 


4. Ugh… children.

5. If that kid runs past me and throws sand on my towel one more time SO HELP ME GOD. 

6. If I swim out any further, will I suddenly be in shark territory?


7. Where’s that sudden dip in the sand… and my foot found it. 

8. How far out do I have to drift from my friends to pee in safety anyway?

9. Must avoid stepping on all the sandcastles in fear of destroying a child’s hopes and dreams.


10. Do I stay put, or journey out to get an ice cream and risk getting second degree burns on my feet? Yep, ice cream. 

11. Ouch ouch ouch ouch! Still worth it. 

12. Wind, I would really appreciate it if you worked with me here and stopped blowing the umbrella onto other people.

New Umbrellas

13. The water here is a bit warmer than before… I wonder who peed.

14. Ah Munchies pizza! How I love you, sand and all.

15. I wonder how much money Munchies has made off my pizza addiction alone.

16. Jellyfish!!! Ah no, just some plastic bag wrapped around my leg. Better pick it up before a turtle decides it looks like dinner.

New Bag

17.  If I lie down long enough, I will probably become an actual piece of sizzling bacon.

18. Is that person trying to do the breaststroke? Everyone knows you only come to Għadira to float around on bended knees until you get bored.

19. Bitch I don’t care how much fun you’re having, you better not let that frisbee/ball/whatever anywhere near my face.


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