The Most Beautiful Shots Of Malta And Gozo This Month (... So Far)

Here are our favourite #LovinMalta featured images!

Maltese Summer Feature

We absolutely love the photos you guys share with us on Instagram page. Since sharing is caring, we thought we would take the time to show how much we care, by creating a post that lets everyone see all of your great photos. 

So, in no particular order, here are our stunning featured #LovinMalta photos from September!

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1. This incredible shot of St. Peter's Pool by @antitouristdes

St  Peters Pool By @antitouristdes

2. The ever-gorgeous Palazzo Parisio by @carlomusco


3. And the playful scenes of Sliema at night, also by @carlomusco

Sliema At Night By @carlomusco

4. The gorgeous streests of Valletta by @gold.digga

Valletta By @gold Digga

5. And this incredible shot of Filfla, taken by Andre Mallia

Filfla By Andre Mallia

6. You honestly can't beat Maltese summers. Great photo by @kactroc

Swiming By @kactroc

7. These fireworks captured at the perfect moment at Melieha festa by @kate.tee

Fireworks At Melieha Festa By @kate Tee

8. The ever-colourful bay in St. Julians by @sveniw

St  Julians Bay By @sveniw

9. And the adventurous cave exploration shared with us by @malteseislands 

Caves By Kayak By @malteseislands

10. The iconic Blue Lagoon in Comino, taken by Walter Causero featuring and shared with us by Katalin Daka 

The Blue Lagoon In Comino Taken By Walter Causero Shared With Us By Katalin Daka @razionekappa

11. But there's more to Comino than just the Blue Lagoon as @galea.sarah showed us

Comino By @galea Sarah

12. It's not a Maltese photo compilation till you spot a pretty little luzzu in Marsaxlokk, by @anna4ale

Marsaxlokk By @anna4Ale

13. Nothing but clear blue seas for days, by @furkanbadem


14. Mesmerizing sunset by the sea by @kevmallia. See more of his photos here.

@kevmallia Sunset

15. One of Malta's more hidden gems - Selmun Bay, taken by @michy274

Selmun By @michy274

16. There's patterns to be found everywhere, even in the Maltese buildings going up like a staircase, taken by @gligicaleksandar

Maltese Buildings Going Up Like A Staircase By @gligicaleksandar

17. And there's nothing quite like Maltese stone, photo also by @gligicaleksandar

Maltese Stone By @gligicaleksandar

18. Fort Manoel is at the centre of many discussions, but everyone agrees it's gorgeous, photo by @markcauchi

Fort Manoel By @markcauchi

19. And Il-Majjistral Park remains an oasis of calm, photo by @samcrem

Il Majjistral Park By @samcrem

20. And finally, the sun sets over our beautiful island. Photo by @bull2997, and you can find more of Alex's photos here

Orange Sunset

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