30 Photos that Prove Malta has the Most Instagrammable Blue Seas in the World

Who doesn't love scrolling through a shit-ton of beautiful photos of Malta?

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Malta's beaches are a showcase of Mediterranean splendour. The sea is cool, crystal clear, and as blue as our skies. We also have the cleanest beaches in Europe - an actual fact. EU-funded sewage treatment plants made this happen just in time for rise of Instagram. 

Now we can proudly snap the sea at any time of the year, and it almost always looks perfect. 

Here are a few incredible pictures to make all your non-Maltese friends feel shitty about their rain-filled lives right now. 

1. This is what a standard day looks like in Marsaxlokk.

2. Salt pans. Weren't they made for Instagram?

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3. This is Comino... look closely and you'll see a wreck every diver should explore.

4. Remember what we said about any time of the year? This is sunset over Popeye Village, in December.

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5. Ok, so this is more about the clouds than the sea, but seriously, just take it all in...

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6. Did someone say clear seas?

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7. This is the sea around Valletta and the Three Cities...

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8. But it looks even better from the shore of Manoel Island.

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9. Everyone's favourite: St Peter's Pool.

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10. Deserves another photo right? These two definitely think so.

11. Check out that blue.

12. Did we mention we also have gorgeous sand?

13. Back to Comino. This is a bird's eye view of the Blue Lagoon.

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14. And again...

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15. Check out these amazing cliffs at Ghajn Tuffieha.

16. 50 shades of blue...

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17. You know the Azure Window? It looks even better from the back.

18. The Blue Grotto. No guessing why we named it that.

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19. One more photo of Comino. Jump in.

20. Cooled off?

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21. These bitches know what we're talking about.

22. Even a freeport looks good in this colour.

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23. So does he, obvs. @davidetucci ...you're welcome.

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24. No, we haven't forgotten Fomm ir-Rih.

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25. Or Gnejna...

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26. What we will try to forget is the towering construction getting in the way of this blueness.

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27. Back to gorgeous orange sand. This is Ramla l-Hamra, Gozo's finest.

28. How is this even real?

29. Praise the Lord!

30. And here's one last Blue Lagoon shot for good measure.

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