Everything You Need To Know About Malta's Beaches Before You Go

You'll never have to stress about where to go swim again.

Malta Beach

Photo: Lenise Calleja 

Whichbeach.com.mt has been a life saver from the start. But it's now just been upgraded to have all the information you could ever need about your beach of choice, so you never get it wrong again. Here are 7 reasons we love this site

1. Their new design is on fleek

Beach Explorer

Based on feedback given, the website has undergone an extensive designing process, with the end result looking fresh and sleek. Suggested beaches from Malta, Gozo and Comino have all been accommodated on the homepage, giving you what you want more efficiently.

2. It's a life-saver for pet owners

Beach Explorer Pet Friendly Beaches

If you ever want to take your pet along with you out on your beach day, whichbeach.com.mt will save you all the hassle and list pet-friendly beaches across Malta. 

3. They've included water sports too


It literally tells you the best beaches for you to play water sports with a simple search.

4. And the weather won't ruin your day

Beach Forecast

If you've ever had your beach day end abruptly because the wind decided to be a massive asshole, you can put your mind to rest because you'll know the forecast as early as 5 days before.

5. It also rates all the beaches

Current Beach Condition

The site provides a score to every beach for its current condition. Finally you can know if a beach passes the test.

6. And warns you about jellyfish

Beach Warning Flag And Jellyfish Indicator

We're all completely terrified of jellyfish, and at last we can know which beaches are infested with the little beasts before we set foot into the water. The site also gives you beach warning flags and informs you where Red Cross lifeguards are stationed. #nextlevelbaywatch

7. If nothing else matters, it tells you which is closest


You're lazy af, and it's up to this site to tell you which beach is closest to you, so you can do the least possible physical exercise to get to a deck chair. 

Beach Explorer Demo

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