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Hey Malta, This Is The Perfect Christmas Gift You Can Get Anyone Right Now

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Believe it or not, we’re only days away from Christmas 2021. And while things this year will look and feel very different, one thing will remain the same; feeling lost as to what to buy for Secret Santa. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect solution.

With the countdown to Christmas just about to hit the single digits, it’s time to get your hands on a copy of Daniel Holmes’ prison memoir.

But what makes it the gift to get this year, we hear you ask?

Why this, of all things I could get?

How can I make sure whoever I’m buying this for likes it?


1. It’s a great conversation starter

There are some topics that just entice everyone, and usually, it’s got to do with the lesser known subjects in life.

After spending eight years in Malta’s prison for growing cannabis in Gozo, Holmes has now detailed his experience in harrowing detail. The ex-convinct-turned-author isn’t one to cut corners, so expect a whole lot of explosive, juicy content.

In other words, you’ll be gifting someone an endless trove of interesting tidbits about a place many of us have only ever experienced from the outside. Feel free to pat yourself on the back the second they open it and thank you.

2. It’s a riveting tale of resilience in a year where we all need some ourselves

2020 has been a massive challenge for all of us, but reading how someone else dealt with their own personal challenges can do wonders to inspire and motivate us.

And let’s face it; there’s no bigger lockdown than a decade in a foreign prison.

Holmes managed to come out the other end of a behemoth challenge not just reformed, but with a unique mindframe and motivation. If that isn’t the perfect lesson anyone living through this year’s global pandemic can learn, I don’t know what is.

3. You can never go wrong with a book… especially one like this

Whether you’re gifting this to a bookworm or someone who loves having a bunch of coffee table books around, Holmes’ memoir is as riveting on the inside as it is enticing on the outside.

Add that local angle to it all and you’ve got your hands on a winning gift.

4. It’s a small piece of LM history

Beyond being Holmes’ first book, this memoir is also Lovin Malta’s very first publication.

At just over four years old, we’re constantly trying to explore new boundaries to break through, and A Memoir From Malta’s Prison was just the latest.

Celebrate this achievement with us… and elevate that LM fan’s Secret Santa gift just that little bit more with Book #1.

5. It’s just the right price point for a Secret Santa

Only have a €20 budget? Perfect – the book costs €18.99.

Just enough spare change to buy the wrapping, and you’re sorted.

6. It’s ready to be picked up right now

Sure, you might have found something pretty cool online, but can you really trust it’ll be delivered on time with all the Christmas hassles?

You don’t have to worry here, because you can come round and pick it up as soon as you buy it. Voilà.

So what do you need to do to get your hands on a copy?

It’s super simple.

Just purchase Daniel Holmes’ memoir below, right here, right now. 

And that’s it. You’re good to go, and officially sorted for Secret Santa. You’re welcome.

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