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WATCH: See How Much Joy You’ve Spread With The Lovin Milied Challenge

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It’s officially over, the 5th edition of the #LovinMiliedChallenge has come to a close and thanks to your donations, hundreds of people and furry friends had the opportunity to open up a Christmas gift. Spreading cheer, joy, and just all-around good vibes is what Lovin Milied is all about and you’ve helped contribute to that.  

A total of nine non-profit organisations received your amazing boxes!

Since November, we’ve been receiving each of our seven gift-box donations by the carload, meaning you have helped bring a sense of normality this Christmas season to the many people who are going through tough times. 

A super special thank you goes out to Atlas Insurance and RYDE, who worked their magic and acted as Santa’s Grotto and our modern-day reindeers. 

But, these two businesses aren’t the only ones who used their power for good. With The Ra1se Foundation, Tat-Targa Kennels, The Gasan Foundation and, KaFe Rocks also taking time out of their busy days to build and deliver loads of Lovin Milied boxes. 

Organisations aren’t the only ones who helped out, schools had some fun with us too! 

Chiswick House School, St Francis School Birkirkara, St Michael School and the St Michael Foundation all chipped in to help make other kids holidays special. Seeing schools taking on this initiative is absolutely amazing. Teaching kids the importance of kindness in a way that is also fun for them is an important part of Lovin Milied. 

A huge thank you also goes out to Purina Malta and Nestlé Collect who donated a whopping €12,000 worth of pet food, amounting to 15,076 individual items. These make up around 20,000 meals for our four legged friends!

Again, thank you so much for being a part of Lovin Milied. Your one small act of kindness really does make a huge difference in the lives of the receivers. You should be proud of helping out, and if you missed out on the festivities this time around, there’s always next year. 

Tag someone who donated! 

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