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Christmas Is Just Weeks Away And Lovin Milied Donations Are Still Needed

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With over 100 boxes donated so far, this year’s edition of the #LovinMiliedChallenge is well underway. It seems like Malta has set out to make 2021 the year of giving, but we still have a long way to go. 

We’ve already welcomed a number of you amazing followers to our offices, serving up your generous donations of gift boxes, ranging from those going to the most lovable dogs in need, to those which will be gifted to the elderly on Christmas morning. 

Get in on the fun by building your very own gift box from the seven different categories. Unsure which box to build? Head on over to our Instagram, click on the little sparkle ✨  icon, and click on the second Lovin Milied filter, modelled by our very own TikTok star, Hailey. 

What you guys have already done is amazing, but Gift Boxes 2, 3, 4 and 5 still need a bit of love.

Christmas is all about giving, and we’re over the moon that you guys have responded so well to our Doggie and Food Boxes.

If you still haven’t gotten around to building your very own box, building the Older Girl’s and Boy’s Box is super simple. Or, if you want to add a personal touch, the Elderly Box will truly make someone feel special on Christmas morning.

Once you have chosen a box, you can use our handy dandy shopping guide to take with you while out and about. 

Don’t fret if you don’t have an active internet connection while zipping through your shopping spree. The guide we’ve created can be downloaded directly to your phone!

If you’re worried about price points, remember it’s the thought that counts.

The people who will be receiving the gifts do not care how much you spend, they care that someone is thinking about them. 

No clue where you can get these items from? We’ve got you covered there too! Have a look at the 11 one-stop-shops we have used to build our own boxes. 

By no means are these shops the only ones you can use, they’re simply ideas to help make your #LovinMiliedChallenge participation even easier. 

After you’ve bought and constructed your boxes, you can drop them off at any Atlas Insurance branch, or at our offices in Burmarrad.

None of this would be possible without honorary elves Atlas Insurance and RYDE, who have really stepped up to the plate.

You have until 17th December to build and drop off your ready-made gift boxes, so hurry up! Time flies and December is already well underway. Make sure to share your good deed on your socials using the hashtag #LovinMiliedChallenge and to nominate three people to take on the challenge as well! 

Tag someone who needs to do the #LovinMiliedChallenge! 

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