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Calling All Students: Win Prizes And Change Malta’s Future With This Competition

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Young people are full of ideas and ways we can improve Malta, and that’s why EY is asking students how they think we can build a better working world. EY have come up with Idea Explosion – The Better Working Malta Challenge where a nationwide call-out for ideas is being made. 

If you’re a student, this is your chance to speak up and have one of your ideas realised! 

Any student coming from the University of Malta, MCAST, or any other higher secondary institution can take part in this call-out for ideas. You can enter alone, as part of a team (limit of 5), or in collaboration with a teacher/professor and bring your ideas to fruition. 

The first thing you will need to do is pick which stream out of the three you will be presenting your idea as part of. Let’s have a look at what the three streams are: 

Economy and Business 

This stream of ideas is for those who are always looking at the bigger picture. Your goal here is to think outside the box and work towards creating a world where the economy includes and properly works for everyone in society.  If you’re always thinking about where we should invest more money, which sectors need to be prioritised and how education can play a better role in the economy then this stream is perfect for you. 

Technology and Innovation 

This stream is for all those tech-savvy students who are always tinkering with things to see what they can create. Looking at what the next big thing could be, what can make our lives easier and how data, AI and other tech can transform our lives is what this stream is all about. If you’re always imagining ways in which technology could be utilised to better the future, then this stream is the one for you. 

Design and Environment 

Having a creative mind is what this stream of ideas is all about. An eye for detail and a love for great aesthetics are both qualities that make participants perfect for this stream. If you have a clear idea of which pieces of Maltese culture should be highlighted, recognise which visual and artistic aspects would be important and how all of this can impact everyone, then put your idea forward. 

How to take part 

Entering is simple, all you need to do is sign-up via this form by 31 January 2022. Once you have filled in your details, you will be assigned an EY mentor who will help you through the process. 

Once the initial idea phase is over, you will need to develop a more concrete concept and also have a high-level plan by 4 April 2022. You will then refine your plan in collaboration with an EY mentor. Your final task would be to pitch your idea to a panel of experts with a 10-minute presentation in July of 2022.

Awesome prizes to be won

Each stream-winner’s school will receive a handsome €3,000 to aid their institution; with the overall winning idea being flown out on a once in a lifetime trip to an EY Wavespace. 

Who is EY?

If you’re wondering who the ground-breaking firm is that is leading this call for ideas, EY is one of the world’s largest finance, consulting and tech firms with an office in Malta for over 300 exceptional people and 300,000 all around the world. They spend their days thinking of ways to build a better working world and now are listening to what you have to say. The ideas will be showcased during EY’s giant national event next October – Future Realised.

Transform your idea into reality by taking part in EY’s amazing initiative. Young people should have a say in their future, so if you have an idea which you think is worth sharing, apply for this competition ASAP. 

Tag someone who always has good ideas! 

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