The Best Moments On The New Yellow Edition Cover

It's Where's Wally meets The Sims – Malta edition.

Yellow Cover

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Last week every household in Malta received their free copy of the Yellow Edition 2016 - but this year we were in for a little surprise. Yellow Discover Local have created an awesome cover for this year's book. They've taken a bunch of much-loved Maltese motifs and put them together in a fun, intricate illustration. 

If you're anything like us (and the majority of the islands' population who still love receiving the book) since receiving it you've spent ages scouring the new and improved cover for familiar faces and hilarious pop-culture references. Here are some of our favourite ones:

1. The Dothraki wedding

Almost as iconic as the Azure Window itself, the union between Daenerys and Drogo gets a special shoutout by yellow.


2. The regular Mosta wedding, upstaged by Pokemon Go! players

Not expecting to be upstaged by the more high-profile weddings going on up north, this happy couple are enjoying their special day. Their guests all seem busy catching wild voltorbs in the area, all while pretending to snap some pics of the lovebirds.


3. The sneaky couples making out behind the Mosta Dome

We've all been there at some point. Maybe not Mosta's wall specifically, but you know there are a few columns that have seen some things.


4. Titti the incredible diving dog

Titti the diving dog has become a huge international superstar for his wonderful talent, and now he's forever immortalised in adorable pixel-art!


5. This guy just rockin' to the beat of his own drum

You do you dude! Rock it out.

Own Drum

6. Ira dominating the mainstage

Leg first, pixel-Ira looks just as captivating as her real-life counterpart!

Ira Mainstage

7. Vader just chillin'

Cause what's the point of 2016 without some Star Wars?


8. Joseph Muscat & Simon Busuttil having a moment

Nothing like a good ol' fist-bump to put all differences aside!

Simon And Joseph

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Chucky Bartolo

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