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Make up for your nightmare dating experiences with an amazing stay at the Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay

Awkward Date Feature

We all know that dating on an island where everyone knows everyone (and everything) can be a bit of a challenge. And while wedding season is around the corner for some, not every date ends in lifelong romance.

Some dates just don't work out, others come at a bad time in our lives... then there are the ones that are so devastatingly horrible they stick with us forever. It's these stories (that bring you misery) that provide so much joy to your friends.

All you need to win is to spread this joy to a larger crowd! Tell us your worst dating experiences, and you'll be in for a chance to spend an amazing weekend in a deluxe seaview suite at the Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay including a romantic dinner at Broadside Terrace!

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Talk about seriously overcompensating for the trouble you've gone through. Fill in the google doc below, we'll choose our favourite stories and leave the rest up to our audience to decide!

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