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Hungarian Pimp Couple Sentenced To A Total Of 19 Years For Human Trafficking

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A Hungarian couple was sentenced to 19 years in prison between them after being found guilty of trafficking and prostituting women. The pair was also fined a total of €17,000.

Robert Attila Majlat, 42, and Attilane Majlat, 37, a married couple, were sentenced to 10 years and nine years respectively.

Among their victims were a mentally disabled woman and a young mother who brought her baby with her to Malta and became dependant on her pimps.

The woman came to know Majlat at age 19 when he “bought” her from her former pimp. She detailed how the accused would fly her to different countries and coerce her to work as a prostitute whenever they wanted.

She explained how her earnings would always end up in the couple’s hands.

She also testified to charging about €100 an hour at a St Paul’s Bay apartment and said she lived in constant fear of the Majlat duo, who used to yell at her and at times even hit her.

Friday’s court ruling saw an end to a long-winded legal battle which included two separate convictions which were quashed on procedural technicalities.

In 2019, the Majlats were handed a 12-year prison sentence each by a Magistrates’ Court.

However, the First Court’s decision was faulted by the appellate court on the basis that the defence was not allowed to cross-examine the two women who made the allegations.

The case was referred once again to the Magistrates’ Court and this time around the defendants were handed a 9-year sentence each.

For the second time, the Court of Criminal Appeal declared the judgement null since the case had to be heard by the Superior Courts and not the Magistrates’ Courts since it was outside the latter Court’s remit.

Eventually, the defence and prosecution reached a plea deal which was upheld by the Criminal Court on Friday. Robert Attila Majlat was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 10 years and a €10,000. His wife received a nine-year sentence and a €9,000 fine.

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