6 Maltese Illustrations That Will Hit You Straight In The Nostalgia

Who doesn't miss Benna's cows?

Il Biljetti

Up and coming Maltese design group Te Fit-Tazza have recently published a group of images that will definitely remind you of a simpler time in your life.

The fact that such minimalist designs of almost mundane objects can trigger such strong memories goes to show just how strongly our sentimentality has latched on to the past.

Ħalib Tal-Gvern 

Halib Tal Gvern

The name Te Fit-Tazza came about as the team were visiting local landmarks for inspiration and came to realise that one of the most iconic moments of any exploration in Malta is the culturally historic tradition that is: kazini serving tea in a glass.


Tal Linja


Id Denfil

The designs feature some serious Maltese blasts from the past; including the two cows who used to chill in the field on our milk cartons, and infamous Id-Denfil (with its weird sepia drawings).


It Telecard


Il Biljetti

Flixkun Luminata

Flixkun Luminata

Meet the guys behind Te Fit-Tazza:

Team Photo

Launching their first store on the 2nd of August, the designers are also giving you a chance to earn your set of limited edition postcards here.

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