POLL: What Do YOU Think Of The New Triton Square Design?

The Valletta makeovers continue!


This weekend saw the unveiling of a total face-lift for the main entrance into Valletta. The project, set to be completed ahead of Malta's year as European Capital of Culture 2018, appears to have gone down a different road to most Maltese public space redesigns, adding a lot more greenery to the area.

Triton Comp 2

New design (left) compared to the current situation (right)

What do YOU think of the redesign?

Triton 2

Photo: DOI

With this new system, Triton Square will become a pedestrian area, with the redesign flowing down into Valletta's ditch, which is currently marked to become a public garden.

Valletta Ditch

Ditch garden design - Photo: DOI

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Proposed design (left), compared with the current situation (right).

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