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September Resits? Get The Grades You Need With Tutors You Can Trust

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Exam results are out and the numbers staring back at you aren’t quite the marks you were hoping for. With exam resits fast approaching, you only have six weeks to learn everything you need to know to get the mark you want.

Six weeks sounds like a short time, but learning isn’t about how much time you spend in the classroom, it’s about how you, as an individual, understand concepts and absorb information. 

Working with you to cover the topics you actually need, Trusted Tutors helps you build a lesson plan and schedule that’s completely tailored to you. 

Trusted Tutors will assess your learning style to identify a successful teaching method and use this information as building blocks to deliver lessons that are effective and easy for you to understand.

With no pre-defined schedule, you and your tutor will work together to create a timetable and plan of action that will best work for you. This means that you don’t need to sacrifice any of your beach day plans or Shadow nights to get the marks you want.

Lessons are available for almost all the subjects under the sun, and are offered in both one-to-one or group sessions. Do you thrive in a one to one environment or  prefer to have your squad by your side? Either way, there is a tutoring plan for you. Lesson options include online, in-person and even home tutoring.

Trusted Tutors is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to exam resits.


A dedicated team of qualified teachers, graduates, and students in their final years will help you get back on track, while still giving you the freedom to enjoy summer.

From the moment you turn to Trusted Tutors for help, the ball starts rolling. There’s no time to waste and the learning begins ASAP. Send them a message on Facebook or give them a call on 7988 8248 to get started.

In the unlikely case that you don’t hit it off with your assigned tutor, don’t worry. Just let them know and you’ll be matched with a different one. Their aim is to give you a positive and rewarding learning experience to help you reach your goal.

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