11 Awesome Nightlife Hangouts In Buġibba


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When you bring up a discussion about nightlife in Malta (as you do), the first thing that most people think of is Paceville. And chances are, the second and third things will also be centered in and around St. Julian's, or Valletta. 

While that may very well be true, there are other places in the country where you could get your fix of nightly entertainment, be it in a club, lounge, pub or literally anything else. 

Here's our rundown of some of the best places to go to in Buġibba...yes, even in winter

1. Velvet

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One of the few legit, fully-fledged clubs in Malta. A lounge bar styled upstairs, and an all-out dancefloor downstairs, Velvet has recently seen a little bit of fresh energy from the unlikeliest of places - the local alternative music scene, even hosting a couple of live bands downstairs. 

Located just a couple of doors down the road from Empire Cinemas, this place definitely has a lot of potential, whether you want to chill out somewhere other than Paceville, or go all ham with their flaming shots.

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2. Fat Harry's Pub

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Indisputably one of the most famous hangouts in Buġibba, and as central as they get thanks to its being literally metres away from the main square. Fat Harry's will probably be the default choice for a pub in the area for the majority of people. 

With its substantial space indoors and out, wide selection of beers, extremely dramatic promise that it shows all the sports live, and its regular hosting of live bands, it's very easy to see why.

3. Miracles

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Another bar-turned-club-turned-cocktail-lounge. Clearly, the North is all about winding down whenever you need to, but still being able to deliver when you want to turn up. 

Situated in the main square itself, Miracles is often the place where that happens, and it rarely disappoints on a Sunday. 

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4. Black & White

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Right next door to Miracles, but focusing on hip hop, dance and R&B, Cub Black & White turns up every single day of the week in summer. 

In winter, the weekends are where it's at. The club has just celebrated its fifth year anniversary and it seems like it might be in for celebrating many more.

5. MinusOne

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Another street, another lounge. This time, though, MinusOne also provides the added advantage of private party planning. From birthday parties to University organisation bashes, this chic seaside club just up the road from McDonald's should surely be on every promoter's list.

6. Ta' Fra Ben Reggae Bar

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If cocktail bars and club lounges are not really your thing, then we would definitely recommend venturing out along the promenade onto Ta' Fra Ben. Technically in Qawra, this reggae bar is still just a stone's throw away from the main square.

With unobstructed views of the sea and St. Paul's Islands in one of the most chilled atmospheres in the area. During summer, this hangout also has weekly jamming seasons to properly see the long sunny days off.

7. Amazonia

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While we're still a little far away from the centre (but getting closer), Amazonia Complex definitely needs a mention. Actually a complex of five different venues, Amazonia has everything from the Batublan Sunset Grill for great eats, its Lido and Aqua Terrace (which you could argue are the original Cafe Del Mar), and Mynt Club, where things definitely turn up big time. 

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8. Rookies

The great thing about Rookies is that—sometimes against all odds—it never dies. While its heyday as the prime location for the alternative music scene and live bands in Malta seems to have come and gone, especially with the then-musically-centered-and-supportive owner having sold it, Rookies still goes on to this very day just round the corner from Fat Harry's. 

The area at the back where bands used to store their instruments might have been replaced by a pool table, and a couple of extra small TV sets all showing the live sports of the day now dot the place, but the stickers, scratches and pervasive smell of long heavy nights still beautifully perfume the place. Also, the pizza is still just as good as ever!

9. Whyte Harte

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If you want to find out which hangouts are the best, you'd best be off asking locals. And as far as they're concerned, the Whyte Harte Bar is not only one of the friendliest bars in Buġibba, but also one of the most consistently best-rated ones. 

To this very day, in fact, it still holds the Number One spot in the TripAdvisor list of bars and nightclubs in the whole area, and numbers like that never lie.

10. Bumping Cars

Hey, a great night out doesn't necessarily need loud music and large doses of alcohol, and the evergreen bumping cars on the Buġibba promenade are here to drive that point home. 

Pretty much becoming its own landmark in recent times, the large bumping cars tent is the best place to relive your childhood memories and have a surprisingly fun night away from the clubs and pubs.

11. Cafe Del Mar

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If all of the above doesn't quite do it for you, well, then perhaps one of the country's biggest and most popular lido-clubs will. Again, much like Fra Ben, this one's a little bit far from the centre (read: approximately four and a half minutes) and can technically be considered to be in Qawra, but with such a tiny country, who really cares? 

While definitely more famous in summer (during which you'll see hundreds of people flock to it no matter what day of the week it is), Cafe Del Mar makes the most of Malta's still relatively hot and sunny autumns and winters and sometimes manages to whip up huge parties even when it's seasonally meant to be cold and raining. If all of that doesn't whet your appetite, then try out the amazing restaurant there. And hey, for the perfect combination of both, order a pint-sized cocktail with your food!

BONUS: Öz Sofra

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Leave it up to the Maltese to make a night out of food. While this should probably be on another list of restaurants, Sofra manages to bridge the gap between a nighttime hangout and a food place, and the Buġibba branch seems to be doing this the best. 

This kebab place opposite Fat Harry's is not necessarily the beginning or the end of a plan for the night for some people - it's actually the whole entire plan. Oh Malta, never change.

Did we miss something? Which is your favourite hangout in the area? Let us know in the comments, and share this with your Northern friends!

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