Best Maltese Reactions To #Brexit

Yes, we are making this all about us.

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After months of (dodgy) campaigns on either side, the public has voted and the results are in. With 51.9% of the electorate voting to LEAVE the European Union (EU), most Maltese people could do nothing but sit and watch (and comment on social media, of course).

Here's a roundup of some of the best Maltese reactions to #Brexit:

The biggest tragedy for Maltese youth: ASOS is down

Asos Brexit

The worst kind of hangover

Brexit Breakfast

Props to this guy for fighting the system #WeAreLegion

Brexit Protest

The new diet that's all the rage

Brexit Flipflop

We're ready to take our plastic chairs and karaoke bars back by force if necessary!

Bugibba Brexit

The realisation that marketing really is everything

Marketing Brexit

Hey, at least the Donald is happy, right?


And you thought pathetic fallacy was just for poems

Rain Brexit

Don't worry folks, it's affecting the euro not the Euro

Brexit Euro

Shots fired.

Brexit Zing

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