Malta's Next Big Fitness Trend Adds Balance To Your Life

We hope so, cause it looks fucking awesome!

Slackline Feature 2

Featured photo by Alain Barbet

Slacklining may not be a new concept globally, but this sport is slowly but surely taking over the Maltese Islands, and we can certainly see why.

Santa Marija Slacklining

Slacklining in Comino - Photo: Petter Asperholm Hedlund

The idea behind slacklining is pretty simple, a rope or web is tied between two points - the higher off the ground, the greater the challenge... pretty standard really. Once taut, you walk, bounce, skip and flip across - but please don't flip until you're a pro. 

Combine this with the thrill of abseiling and you're onto the reason Malta is so perfect for this sport.

Well, technically it is the shortest way across the hole!

The adventure sport has gained a lot of popularity recently, with a prominent spot at the Sliema Arts Festival and many videos recently making the rounds on social media. If you're interested in trying this out (and honestly after seeing all this - how can you not be?) then this Facebook page for Slackliner Malta is a perfect place to start!


Photo: Mark Napier / Facebook

Phlegm warning: You might want to watch this video on mute.

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