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Maltese Couple Ditches Wedding Plans To Travel The World

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Romy and Luke have a lot of things in common – you’d hope so, considering the fact that they’re currently engaged to be married. But if there’s one thing this couple shares it’s a deep, burning love for travel.

They’ve already jet-setted across the globe together, from India, to Singapore, to Morocco, but now that they’re getting ready to tie the knot, this couple has ditched the usual bureaucracy of wedding planning and left to travel as far and wide as they can for the next nine months.

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They’re currently on day 37 of their adventure, and thanks to the wonders of technology you can see where they’re off to (and where they’ve already been). More importantly you can stare in envy at all the amazing photos they upload while touring Europe in an awesome red convertible.

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And thanks to the marvels of the internet, you can follow their amazing journey step by step!

Aside from having the time of their lives (and literally living that #CoupleGoals life) the pair are also looking to help others who share their love for travel by posting their advice and lists of things to do in the different locations they travel to.

You can find out more about their adventures on their blog, or just scroll through their awesome photos on Instagram!

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Who would you take on the road trip of a lifetime? Share this post with them and get planning the whole thing ASAP!

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