Meet Ben, The First Child Adopted By A Same-Sex Couple In Malta

And y'all are crazy if you attack this family based on what you claim is the "best interest of the child".

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Yesterday, after news broke that Malta's court had given the go-ahead for the first adoption of a child by a same-sex couple, Malta's Facebook exploded.

Many praised the move as a huge leap forward for Malta, while others rambled on about the doom and gloom this would bring about; flinging around the classic arguments the anti-adoption camp always do (something about it being "unnatural" and "not in the child's best interest").

But you know who doesn't seem to care about all these online, all-caps arguments? Ben.

Meet Ben, the first child to be adopted by a same-sex couple in Malta. His father, Kris Grima, posted a touching introduction on Facebook, where he thanked everyone for the work they did leading to this beautiful moment, while subtly slamming the nay-sayers judging his family without even knowing anything about them. 

You'll be hard pressed to find a happier looking baby or one who rocks a white bucket-hat as well as Ben. So congrats to this new family, and in the words of Kris himself, may many more follow!

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