6 Reasons Why Swimming In The Beginning Of Autumn Is Way Better Than In Summer

September has ended, we're up and ready to go for a dip!

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It happens every single year. We spend an entire season impatiently waiting for the next one to arrive, and by the time it does, we're done with it after a week or two. Well, now that autumn has officially started, here's why we think you should be grateful and actually—wait for it—go swimming!

1. No more crowded beaches

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'Tis the season where beach-goers drop from ten billion to about five, and it's amazing. Finally, you get to enjoy a beautiful beach either alone or with just a couple of people who want it to remain as peaceful as you do; no more wailing (naked) toddlers. Hallelujah. 

2. No more heatwaves

Too Hot

Yes, Malta doesn't really see cold weather till around February, but that slight drop in temperature from July to October is just enough for you to enjoy going out of the house without having to worry about getting third-degree burns.

3. Camping is now an added option


Apart from the drop in temperature, there are now also less mosquitoes flying around. Put those two together and what have you got? More reason to take your swimming plans and extend them to a whole day / night. Because hey, nothing beats getting all cosy in a tent after a late night dip. 

4. Jellyfish season is technically over

Damn Jellyfish

Statistically speaking, most of the jellyfish species in the Mediterranean undergo their most active periods between late winter and mid-summer. Most of them are born in Spring, which is in fact why we always get those annual photos of purple seas in April and May, followed by the typical "tgħidli qalbi ġej xi sajf ieħor kollu bram jekk Alla jrid!". 

While it is of course very possible to spot jellyfish in autumn (or indeed all year round), numbers definitely go down by a drastic number around this time of the year. You can finally say goodbye to paranoia, let those legs float a little looser and stop looking around you all the time.

5. The sea is actually warmer

Yeah Science

Long Explanation: The phenomenon of Specific Heat Capacity when coupled with the immensely huge volume of seawater dictates that the Sun cannot heat up the sea instantly in the summer in the same way that it heats the surface of the ground (like beaches). Therefore, by the time the sea does actually become warmer, it would've ended up being October, and the temperature back on the land would be colder, so relatively speaking, you'd feel warmer by going in to the sea.

TL;DR: science says it's warmer.

6. Sunset is earlier

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Ok, hear us out. If you're worried that you've got work the next day and can't afford to stay till 8pm to watch that beautiful sunset over your favourite beach, you don't have to! Sunset is already happening at around half six, and it will continue to get earlier. So you end up with the whole experience of swimming in the (not as hot) day and staying all the way till dusk, and you get to be back home in time for a shower and a good sleep before work tomorrow! Bingo.

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