WATCH: Seven Migrants Drown As Malta-Based Rescuers Risk Their Own Lives To Save Them

MOAS crew risks it all to save lives

Sky News has documented an all too frequent occurrence in the lives of those who work on board the Migrant Offshore Aid Station's (MOAS) rescue boat.

Encountering two boat-loads of migrants making their way across the Mediterranean, the first rescue mission went off without a hitch, the second one however was a lot less fortunate. 

It started out as any standard rescue operation, but the overcrowded vessel quickly descended into chaos as panic levels surged and everyone desperately began to scramble up the rescue boat.

Migrants Climb On Board

Photo: Sky News / Youtube

Hundreds of migrants were saved, but the atmosphere on the rescue vessel remained tense as seven migrants died in the frenzy. The dead were carried onto the boat in front of their grieving relatives with as much dignity as the situation allowed.

All the children on the dinghy survived, but two of boys' parents are still missing. 

Migrant Children

Photo: Sky News / Youtube

In the chaos of the whole operation, it takes the rescue workers a few minutes to realise that one of their own was also in difficulty after jumping into the sea to help those struggling to stay afloat. The MOAS crew member was pulled aboard and has since recovered.

Choas Rescue Worker

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