Ħamrun Pizzeria Being Called 'The Best In Malta' Gets Perfect Review Record

'One of the best pizzas I've ever eaten in my 33 years of existence'

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If there's one thing Maltese people love more than food and trying out new restaurants around the islands, it's making their opinions of said restaurants public. Even the best restaurants in Malta get lousy online reviews every once in a while, but a recently-opened pizzeria in Ħamrun is currently sitting on a perfect track record of 95 Five Star reviews. And people are calling it the best pizza on the island.

Pulcinella is a snack bar serving up anything from wraps to fried donuts, but their true claim to fame are their pizzas. They serve up proper traditional Neapolitan pizza, and while other pizzerias around Malta have claimed to have some of the best that Naples has to offer Pulcinella's clientele seems to think there's no one who comes even remotely close to them on the islands.

Other people took to popular Facebook groups like RUBS (Are You Being Served) to declare their newfound love for the Ħamrun pizzeria, reaffirming dozens of people's claims that this might very well be one of the best pizzas on the island.

And if those countless excellent reviews haven't managed to sway you into trying out Pulcinella's pizzas for yourselves, we're willing to bet good old #FoodPorn will do the trick.

Pulcinella is situated right in the heart of Ħamrun, with a public car park a few seconds away. If that's still a bit of a long drive for you, the pizzeria kicked off the month of August by announcing their inclusion in the popular online take away service Time to Eat.

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