11 Maltese Eateries To Help You Stay Healthy In 2018

Sticking with your resolutions like avocado on toast


Two weeks into the new year, you're regretting that list of resolutions you made almost as much as that fourth helping of Christmas log you had a few weeks back. Fear not, at least the restaurant scene in Malta is fast adapting to your plan to get healthy this year. 

We've trawled through Internet newsfeeds, online reviews, our own experiences, and turned to real world suggestions to compile a list of healthy eateries, in no particular order, for you to visit this 2018. 


Whether its a healthy snack you're after, an on-the-go smoothie, or you're willing to go all the way and delve into the vegan side of things, odds are you'll find something that's up your alley at PASH. Why not try a spelt pizza or a vegan burger?

2. YUE Bistro

As part of the YUE Wellbeing Centre, YUE Bistro is managed by the Munchies Team. The Bistro presents a carefully curated menu catering to a wide range of diets and designed with the help of their nutritionist and culinary team. 


We were honestly sold on the NOVI halloumi burger, but there's much more to this place that runs on a motto of homemade goodness. Try your hand at their veggie quesadilla, or maybe a smoked salmon salad with orange and feta. 

4. Dr. Juice

A household name when it comes to a freshly-squeezed juice blend or refreshing smoothie, Dr. Juice also packs a punch when it comes to healthy meal prep. From sweet potato salads, to falafel tortillas, to chicken protein packs, this place definitely deserves a visit. 

5. Grassy Hopper

This place is all about going vegetarian, with a good portion of vegan meals too. Lentil-walnut wraps, cashew cream risottos, mushroom and buckwheat burgers - you name it, Grassy Hopper has it. They've even got a whole range of vegan and vegetarian desserts and also offer delivery!

6. Ġugar Bar & Hangout

Tucked away behind a quaint red door at the end of Republic Street in Valletta, Ġugar is best explored as the evening whiles away, where you can nibble away at your healthy platter among the crowd of Valletta-goers. 

7. eeetwell

Sprouting up all over the island, eeetwell is the perfect booster for your busy day, be it a wrap, ciabbatta or rice dish - an ideal spot for a quick and healthy snack. 

8. Pure Living

The food combos here alone are enough to get your tastebuds tingling. Nestled up in Sliema, Pure Living (and sister outlet Pure Juice and Health Bar) is the perfect place for a wholesome breakfast or a killer sandwich. Overnight oats, pear with ricotta and spinach sandwiches, and warm goat's cheese salad; just to name a few delectable servings. 

9. Bongo Nyah

On the bang south end of Malta, Bongo Nyah makes sure you're as cushy as you can get while indulging in your healthy efforts. Bean burgers, Greek salads, and octopus pasta, are just the tip of this underrated iceberg. 

10. Emma's Kitchen

Possibly the literal definition of 'breakfast goals', Emma's Kitchen also boasts a wide array of healthy lunch options like falafel pita, noodle bowls, and pumpkin salad. Either way, save us some of your salmon-and-egg toasties any day. 

11. No. 43

Climbing the ranks in Valletta's must-sees, No. 43 brings Italian goodness with a whole lot of healthy. Fresh Maltese bread for breakfast with your choice of preserves, soaked chia seed jars, prosciutto on toast, and the list goes on and on. 

Know of any other spots for a healthy bite? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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