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11 Places To Get A Great Roast In Malta

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Whether it’s Sunday lunch and you want to honour your family’s long-standing tradition, or you’re just craving some great comfort food which doesn’t come at a fattening price, there’s no better time to go for a roast. 

Here are some of our favourite places to satisfy all your roast needs.

1. The Scotsman

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As if the name wasn’t enough of an indication, The Scotsman is a fully-fledged traditional pub that has withstood the test of time, and its roast is definitely one of the main things to write home about it. 

2. Salisbury Arms

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One of Sliema’s staple pubs is also famous for its Sunday Roast, and with its very cosy atmosphere and large selection of beers, it’ll have you staying well after you devour the food to wash it down with some good old ale.

3. The Londoner

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You know it’s going to be good when a place primarily known for its great food on a daily basis declares that its speciality is actually – Sunday Roast. 

4. Madliena Lodge

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For a slightly more fine dining experience which still delivers some roasty goodness, check out Madliena Lodge. They only offer lunch on weekends, and we’d recommend the roast pork belly with carrot and miso purée, because just reading that out loud has made us hungry.

5. The Bell Pub

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A typical British ex-pat pub in the heart of Qawra, the Bell Pub has maintained a nearly two-decade reputation for having one of the best traditional Sunday Roasts in town.

6. Vinotheque

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A wine bar and bistro at the Marina Hotel, Vinotheque offers a luxurious take on traditional Maltese plates, and with its three hours of free parking that it offers to guests who are not staying at the hotel, you can sit back and take your time with their delicious dishes.

7. JUS Dine & Wine

Just down the road from the Attard pjazza in a two-floored, 400-year-old corner town house with a small square and fountain just outside its doors, JUS is as cosy as it gets. With their innovative approach to a normal menu where very different dishes of international cuisine are meshed together in an experimental (and successful) way, JUS is a great place to try out a hybrid roast. 


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Offering another slightly different take on the traditional roast, Marsascala’s Bongo Nyah is also gaining a lot of hype traction for its Sunday lunch offerings.

9. Hungry Wolf

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A snack bar in the heart of tiny Mġarr, Hungry Wolf has daily traditional specials which only get bigger and better on Sundays.

10. Tal-Majjistra

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Being one of Malta’s most scenic and traditional villages, Mġarr has seen the rise of a long list of diners serving Maltese cuisine, and Tal-Majjistra often shows up at the top of many of those lists. 

11. Ta’ Rita

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When you think of traditional Sunday Roast with the family, the pioneering Għar Lapsi family restaurant that’s stood the test of time just can’t not be mentioned. This one’s outlived all the above, and will probably outlive us too!

BONUS: The Whole Hog

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September 2016 saw this place sadly closing down, but we felt we still had to mention The Whole Hog as it kept coming up at the list of nearly everyone’s lists. Thanks for the memories!

Know a friend who makes an even meaner roast? Tag them in the comments below or on Facebook.

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