11 Villages In Malta And Gozo Where You Can Eat A Delicious Meal

For when the question isn't what, but where

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Picking a place to eat at is one of the biggest hassles you will have on this island. It’s not that we’re short on good restaurants, it’s just that there’s too much to choose from.

Sometimes, it's not about what you want to eat, but rather where you happen to be.

If you’re indecisive AF when it comes to food, you should head down to one of these villages to have your pick of some of the island’s best places to eat at.

1. Marsaxlokk

If you’re really into tasty fish and juicy seafood, do yourself a giant favour and head down to this cool seaside spot. Marsaxlokk obviously caters mostly for fish lovers, however that doesn't mean that you won’t find any alternative options.

Spots to look out for



Ta’ Victor

2. Sliema

One of Malta’s favourite all-in-one spot is here to feed you.

If you feel lightheaded after a day of shopping ,you really need to settle down at one of Sliema’s top food spots.

The cuisines here range from Asian to local, and none will disappoint.

Spots to look out for

Ta’ Kris


Charles Grech Bistro

3. St.Julian’s

Sliema’s younger, hipper sister is here to replenish your weak body.

Whether you just finished from a night out partying or are just looking for a delicious brunch, St. Julian’s will definitely be a comfortable spot to stroll around looking for something good to eat.

Spots to look out for

Gululu Kċina Maltija



4. Marsascala

Malta’s south is blessed with amazing spots where you can eat. Marsascala is the perfect place if you’re someone who likes to have dessert in a totally different place from where you ate dinner.

A long walk along the promenade would most probably also be on the menu if you decided to hang out here.

Spots to look out for

Gelateria Dolce Latte

Al Legna Pizzeria

Tal-Familja Restaurant

5. Mosta

Mosta is not only famous for its cool Rotunda, but also for the lovely dishes it has to offer. Being one of Malta’s loveliest and most central spots, this town will not disappoint you when it comes to both views and food.

Spots to look out for

The Lord Nelson Restaurant

Ta’ Marija

6. Mġarr Gozo

If you happen to be in Gozo while you’re looking at this list, fear not. We have the perfect spots just for you.

Your first stop as you get off the Gozo Ferry, Mġarr is famous among foodies for the vast choices it has to offer. Not to mention the super pretty views it will be treating you to.

Spots to look out for


Ta’ Frenċ

Country Terrace

7. The other Mġarr (Malta)

Malta’s Mġarr definitely makes it to this list.

If you’re looking for large portions and homely dishes this village will not disappoint you. Specialising in local delicacies, Mġarr restaurants are like no other.

From horse meat to juicy snails, you will be fed like a king at this picturesque village, and it's definitely the place to be if you want to try traditional Maltese food.

Spots to look out for

Mġarr United Restaurant


Ta’ Soldi

8. Xlendi, Gozo

Another famous Gozo spot which will leave you pining for more. Xlendi is a go-to for tourists and locals alike, and it’s no wonder.

If you’re looking for ice cream, convince whoever you're with to take you here, trust us.

Spots to look out for

Gelateria Granola

Sofia Bar & Restaurant

Talija Bar & Restaurant

9. Valletta

Our capital city obviously has to be on this list. The food here compliments the amazing views and beautiful architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Full of palazzos and mesmerising corners, this city will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to lovely views and food. The rich nightlife and busy streets are an added bonus for anyone who is looking to grab a drink after dinner.

Spots to look out for

Dimitri Café



10. Ħamrun

Ħamrun is the mecca of delicious and diverse food. If you know where to look, this Maltese town will quickly become your favourite lunch spot.

Whether you're looking for amazing and authentic ethnic food or just really great pizza, head down to Ħamrun.

Spots to look out for


Afghan Natural Food

Selam East African

11. Buġibba

Another ethnic hotpot, Buġibba offers a wide variety for anyone who is looking for a good dinner in the north. From Asian goodies to local restaurants, this town will have you struggling to choose a spot.

There’s also numerous spots where you can wash your food down with a great cocktail or some delicious ice cream.

Spots to look out for


House of Spice

The Chef’s Table

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Chiara Micallef