17 Reasons Why Timpana Is Definitely The Best Thing Ever Created

An homage to our carb-tastic local dish

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The fact that one of our favourite local dishes is a pie made from pasta might just be the reason we're also one of the most obese countries in Europe. But hey – we take the good with the bad! And in this case, the good – is bloody divine.

Here's all the reasons why we adore timpana!

1. It’s got all the stuff we like in it

2. Including dough, glorious dough

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3. It tastes like love

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4. It's a stand-alone meal

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5. No matter how posh you try to make it, it's solid gold home-food

6. It bridges generations

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7. And every family has their own slightly tweaked recipe

8. You can try to make it healthier

9. But it's basically an ode to carbs

10. It's really good food on-the-go

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11. And it fits in with our whole carby food family

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12. It's crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside

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13. It makes perfect party food

14. But is also good in bulk...

15. And it's delicious when hot or cold

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16. Some of Malta's best writers eat it

17. Basically, it should just be on our flag

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