17 Shots Of #PastizzPorn That Will Make You Wet

Warning: uncontrollable drooling

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There's a reason our brains automatically jump to pastizzi whenever we think 'Maltese food'. They may not be the most traditional, or the healthiest, but there is no denying how incredible they taste. Sober or drunk, first thing before a long day or a savoury bite to close off the night - pastizzi will always reign supreme. Here's 17 reminders of why you need to go have one right now.

1. The patriotic pastizz

2. The with-a-side-of-history pastizz

3. The home made pastizz

4. The by-the-beach pastizz

5. The what-is-this-new-flavour-of-pastizz pastizz

6. The oldschool ricotta pastizz

7. Which is only beaten by a tal-piżelli pastizz

8. The ornamental pastizz

9. The fancy pastizz

10. The shopping-break pastizz

11. The turtiera pastizz(i)

12. The do-you-even-Maltese? pastizz

13. The dessert pastizz

14. The party pastizz

15. The arty pastizz

16. The end-of-the-night pastizz

17. And the perfect-morning pastizz

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Chucky Bartolo

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