This One Road In Marsaxlokk Has All The Restaurants You Could Ever Need

Is this Malta's fastest-growing food hub?

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Mostly known for Sunday lunches with the family, Marsaxlokk actually boasts an insanely long list of great places that are all literally minutes away from each other along the seafront. 

Here are the ones with the highest ratings by reviewers in the road known as Xatt is-Sajjieda.

1. Tartarun

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Named after the traditional fishing method used in Marsaxlokk, Tartarun proudly bears its heritage and its speciality in its name.

Plates like its marinated cuttle fish pictured above are the talk of the town, and with very good reason.

2. Filippo

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Filippo Vasta's seafront restaurant is where you need to go for your fix of Italian cuisine, but of course it wouldn't be a Marsaxlokk restaurant without some good old seafood.

3. Ta' Victor

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Traditional Maltese cuisine right in front of a Parish Church and metres away from the sea. It doesn't really get any more authentically Maltese than this!

4. Opera Caffe Lounge

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Sure, you can technically lounge anywhere you want to, but with a view like that, why wouldn't you choose Marsaxlokk over literally everywhere else? Opera's one of those places that makes that point effortlessly clear.

5. Roots

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Even though Roots will only turn 2 years old this May, it's still managed to hold its ground in one of Malta's busiest restaurant-streets, and has built a reputation of being one of the best seafood places in Marsaxlokk, which is as great an honour as there ever was. While they've reassured their clients that they're "not all about the fish", they certainly do know how to excel at the latter. 

6. T'Anna Mari

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T'Anna Mari boasts Salvatore Piccione, an Italian Chef who's spent nearly two decades experiencing the best that Sicily and Malta have to offer. The result is a delicate mix of some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine this side of the island.

7. Ta' Frenċ il-Koy

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With a name like that, you just know the place is going to have an amazing story that goes way back. Ta' Frenċ il-Koy doesn't disappoint; the restaurant is run by a family of three sisters, all of whom have fishermen-husbands who catch fish for the restaurant. 

8. Hunters Tower

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Hunters Tower is a little far away from the rest of the places on this list, but when we say that, we really mean it's a three-minute walk along the shore from the other side. One of the oldest establishments in the area, Hunters Tower has been in operation for over 40 years, over 30 of which have been under the same family! Which means there's a very big chance that there are people reading this whose parents (or even grandparents) remember Hunters Towers date nights. 

9. Rising Sun Bar

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Another family-run establishment offering traditional Maltese food just like nanna used to make, Rising Sun Bar also has a long list of speciality coffees on its menu, like this amazing blueberry mocha with cream.

10. La Capanna

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La Capanna had a pretty good 2016. In a survey held by more than 2,000 diners through The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants portal, La Capanna obtained an overall score of 46 out of 50, with people rating not only its food very highly, but also its service and ambience.

11. Ristorante e Pizzeria Dell Arte

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Famous not only for its great pizza but its extremely central location seconds away from the Parish Church parvis, Ristorante Dell' Arte also offer a delicious (and extremely cheap!) breakfast that will have you going back every day.

12. La Reggia

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La Reggia is one of the latest Mediterranean restaurant ventures in Marsaxlokk, and yet, it's already managed to make it to the very top of the list of the Marsaxlokk Restaurants on Trip Advisor. And with plates like the grilled octopus on a bed of carrot puree accompanied by roasted marinated aubergines pictured above, it's pretty easy to see why.

13. Duncan

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Duncan's is a guest house which has been run by the same family for over a hundred years. It takes its name from a Royal Navy anti-submarine frigate which was used to escort ships bringing food to Malta during wartime, and this is something that Duncan embraces whole-heartedly in its downstairs restaurant. 

14. Ir-Rizzu

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Ir-Rizzu is raved about for (of course) its seafood, but it also offers much more on its Mediterranean menu, including a great selection of heart-warming soups.

15. Acqua Pazza

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Even if it's another nautical-themed restaurant title, Acqua Pazza offers more than just seafood. Our recommendation would be to try out their pasta, which has customers online raving after Sunday lunch.  

16. Harbour Lights Cafe

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Pizza, pasta, homemade burgers, and of course the fresh catch of the day from just across the street, Harbour Lights Cafe has it all. And with that beautiful view on offer, this one's another no-brainer. 

17. iPlace

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Don't worry, we weren't going to forget about this one. Constantly showing up at the top of the list of many an end-of-year restaurant awards around the country, iPlace is another great eatery in a long list of reasons why you need to head on down to Marsaxlokk next time you start craving good food!

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