300 Chefs Will Be Battling It Out In The Most Delicious Challenges In Malta This Weekend

A congregation of skill and #FoodPorn

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Malta has its fair share of culinary experts each doing their own mouthwatering thing around the island, but it's not every day that you see a congregation of them going to head to head in a chef challenge. Until now. Over the next four days, 300 local and foreign chefs will compete in a number of chef challenges to determine the best of the best. And it's all happening right at Ta' Qali.

The Malta Kulinajra competition takes place every two years. Featuring a number of foreign judges and different cooking competitions, the competition the competition will see everything from the National Chef of the Year Award to more specialised challenges like vegetarian dish preparations. 

There's also a Mystery Box Menu challenge... and a leftovers Mystery Boxy Challenge for that added skill level. And of course, there's the Junior Chef of the Year Award, a two-hour competition open to chefs who are 23 years or under.

There's a live chocolate piece which will be constructed over the course of five hours, along with a live high tea set competition. The full list of events and rules for the upcoming four-day competition marathon can be found right here.


Students from the Institute of Tourism Studies won 25 awards in different categories at the last edition of Malta Kulinarja... including two medals in the Junior Individual Practicals category

Malta Kulinarja, which is organised by the Malta Chefs Society, forms part of VIVANDA, a four-day extravaganza of all things food. It's set to feature everything from kitchenware exhibits to presentations of industrial ovens and uniforms.

The fair-cum-competition has become the perfect opportunity for people with both small or large establishments to see the latest products and services offered to the catering industry. Or, you know, the perfect opportunity for people who love food to be in the heart of it all. 

VIVANDA will be running from tomorrow (Thursday) to Sunday 25th, from 10am to 10pm every single day. There's only a €2.50 entrance, and more information can be found right here.

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