6 Awesome Burgers In Malta You Need To Try This Weekend

Jaw, meet floor.

Burger Cover 2

Sometimes leading a healthy lifestyle can actually make you feel good, and the salad you had for lunch is enough to help you face the day. Other times rabbit food just won't cut it - and that's where burgers come in.

This list, like most on Lovin Malta, is in no particular order and you need to try every single one on here.

Badass Burgers: THE DADDY

The Daddy

We’re kicking off the list on a high note – literally. This burger looks like it needs to come with a ladder for you to conquer it. Well, ladder or not, it's well worth the attempt!

Shoreditch: ‘EL PASO BURGER

El Paso

Homemade chillie salsa, pickled jalapenos, spicy cheddar and a little fresh cilantro. ‘Nuff said. Also, if you are one of those superhumans who are somehow not full by the end of this, try one of the many delicious desserts Shoreditch has.

Just Burger: BACON & CHEESE

Bacon And Cheese

It only takes the first bite into this beauty to get exactly why the place is named so... minimally. This burger is simplicity at its best, and whatever these guys do works wonders without gimmicks. I mean that photo pretty much sells itself. 

Hungry Cow: THE HOLY COW

Holy Cow

There has never been a more apt name for a burger than this one. There’s a huge photo of this burger in Bugibba, and every single person that passes by stops in their tracks to stare/drool - and honestly, we don't blame them.

Hugo's Burger Bar – 911 BURGER

9 11

This place has quite a long list of burgers on their menu, but the 911 (unfortunate naming-mixup potential aside) is definitely the one we keep going back to. It features enough hot sauce to make it extremely memorable, you know, just in case the red burger bun didn't do that for you. 


Double Chicken

Served at one of Malta's favourite burger joints, a single Chicken Burger is more than enough. But if you want to be brave and truly taste godliness, then you absolutely must go Double. So good it only needs two other more ingredients – spring onions and sriracha mayo so delicious it’ll have you trying to leap over the counter to steal their secret recipe.

Bonus vegan option - The Grassy Hopper: SPICY CHICKPEA BURGER


Serving up four kinds of delicious (and 100% vegan) burgers, The Grassy Hopper knows how to keep everyone satisfied. Even meat-lovers can't deny their amazing taste!

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