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6 Different Sushi Experiences In Malta You Need To Try

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Like it or not, the four-year sushi craze that’s swept over Malta isn’t really going anywhere any time soon. So while we’re still knee-deep in the hype, here are six places you can visit to mix things up, and get a different experience with each sitting.

1. Get excited at an endless stream of sushi at Sako Sushi

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If you’d like to feel like you just stepped into Tokyo and not another restaurant in St. Julian’s, look no further than this. Offering Malta’s very first sushi train, Sako Sushi goes that extra mile to deliver the full Japanese experience, from its lovely interior to its somewhat quirky atmosphere.

2. Consume way too much sushi at Okurama

Besides boasting some of the best-rated sushi in Malta, Okurama have a buffet menu where, for only €25, you can have all the sushi your heart desires (that is, before it starts panicking due to too much food).

Seeing as we Maltese love a good buffet, it’s no surprise that Okurama has recently climbed the list of sushi restaurants on the island and now comfortably hovers as the top spot for many. 

3. Get take-away from Zen Sushi To Go and chase your own view

If you’re trying to find the perfect backdrop to your sushi order, how about getting sushi takeout and driving around Malta until you find it? Zen Sushi To Go is located at Skyparks right next to the airport, so half your drive would already be done anyway.

5. Enjoy your sushi in bed, thanks to Yoshi Sushi

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Known for being one of the best value for money sushi houses, Yoshi’s site welcomes you with a long list of localities around Malta where you can get free delivery based on how far away it is from their Gżira hub.

So if you’ve had it all and are now an experienced sushi veteran who gets late-night cravings, worry not – Yushi’s deliveries have got you covered. 

5. Get your fancy on at Zen

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Back in the day, Zen was the first Japanese restaurant to open in Malta, and it’s still widely regarded as one of the best. We say Japanese, because even though their sushi is to die for (and is the reason it’s on this list), Zen also offers other cuisine from the area which is still relatively unknown in the west. 

The two main comments you’ll find in abundance when you check out Zen’s online reviews are how expensive it is when compared to other sushi houses in Malta, and just how deliciously unmatched each and every single bite of their sushi is. 

6. Get the full experience at Gochi

Gochi was arguably the place responsible for Malta’s sushi obsession, and the St. Julian’s corner shop doesn’t really show signs of slowing down anytime soon. This year, it’s recruiting new staff, so if you’ve always wanted to be on the other side of the famously always busy and friendly counter, now’s your chance!

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