6 Maltese Restaurants That Will Serve You A Delicious Lampuki Meal Outside Of Marsaxlokk

The season is coming to an end, so water you waiting for?

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Lampuki season - much like this long and eventful year - is steadily coming to an end, which means you've only got a couple of weeks left to enjoy one of Malta's favourite fish, as fresh as they get.

Marsaxlokk is generally the place people immediately sprint to for all their lampuki needs, but there a bunch of joints outside the south's charming fishing village that also serve this delectable fish.

Here are six restaurants outside of Marsaxlokk that can help you scratch that lampuki itch.

1. Hammett's Maċina Restaurant, Senglea

This swanky restaurant serves up posh lampuki on their evening a la carte. How does cured local lampuki with coriander hummus, fennel, clementine segments and poppadom sound? Brilliantly Boujie... and delicious.

2. Ta’Marija, Mosta

Loved by both locals and tourists, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Malta.

They serve traditional home-style Maltese dishes which are as comforting as a warm hug from a chubby friend. Their lampuki are pan-seared and topped with wine, olive and garlic.

3. The Tabloid, Sliema

Get your butt to The Tabloid at The AX Palace on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for their snazzy 'Mediterranean Buffet Dinner'.

Once there, you'll find pan-fried lampuki with peppers, olives and tomato sauce. Yes. Please.

4. Georges Seafront Restaurant, Buġibba

Georges Seafront Restaurant is in an atmospheric seafront location with some badass views.

Enjoy whole grilled lampuki served with chips and salad. Simple and sweet!

5. L’aroma, Sliema

L’aroma's lampuki have tons of rave reviews from the locals and on the internet... and you can very quickly see why.

Perched on Sliema’s seafront, the new management have ensured a moreish menu of Maltese and Mediterranean grub at pocket-friendly prices. Their lampuki are pan fried in garlic and olive oil, served with traditional caper sauce.

6. Maldonado Bistro, Gozo

This charming and cosy restaurant off the tourist track has stunning stone interiors.

They're currently serving pan-seared lampuki fillet, drizzled with olive oil, wine and served with a red rice salad and Mediterranean tapenade. If you find yourself on the sister island, head on over there for some great lampuki before the season's over!

Well there you have it, proof that Marsaxlokk isn't the only area for lampuki! So water you waiting for? Go sea for yourself (sorry).

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