6 Maltese Toasties That Will Forever Change The Work-Lunch Game

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You may not have enough time to prepare a seven-course meal on your lunch break, but almost every office kitchenette comes with a toastie machine - and if you plan a little bit ahead you can make magic. 

Here are six Maltese toasties that will knock your socks off and have your coworkers drooling in envy. 

1. The pastizz

Get yourself a nice hunk of Maltese ricotta, cut it into thick wedges and sandwich it between two slices of bread. Once toasted you're looking at a healthy-ish version of a pastizz, or a quick and easy, mini torta tal-irkotta.

If you're really looking to impress add some pre-cooked ful and pop them in too. 

Screen Shot 2018 02 14 At 10 27 29

This image shows a toastie with a layer of spinach, which will taste amazing but isn't really as Maltese as ful.

2. The bigilla toastie

Spread a generous layer between two slices of bread, add a thin layer of ġbejna if you're all about that cheese life and just pop it in the toaster. If you're feeling extra fancy sprinkle some sliced, green olives over the bigilla before adding the cheese.


3. The tadam imqadded and brie toastie

If you wanna feel fancy with minimal effort, cover one slice of bread with thin strips of sun-dried tomatoes, place a generous amount of brie over the whole thing and toast to perfection. If you wanna add even more swag to your toastie, drizzle some honey on top while it's still warm.

Landscape 1446839658 Delish Baked Brie Sundried Tomatoes

Just add bread... and maybe remove some cheese.

4. Pulled rabbit toastie

Crack out the slow cooker, leave your rabbit stewing all night long and set your alarm five minutes earlier than usual. Just before heading out to work layer on as much meat as you feel ready to consume later in the day, pop on a slice of oak-smoked cheddar and wrap the whole thing in foil. Nobody said it was easy, but can you imagine how happy you're gonna be come lunch?

Screen Shot 2018 02 14 At 10 31 19

5. The ħobż biż-żejt

A deconstructed version of a Maltese classic. To make a toastie version of a summer favourite simply add slices of tomatoes, tuna, capers and some olives. An optional addition to take it to the next level is to drizzle some olive oil over top and sprinkle on some coarse salt once it's cooked. 

If you're averse to warm tuna (be it on a pizza or a toastie) this one's probably not for you.


6. The quattro forma-ġbejna

Pretty self explanatory: get four types of ġbejna and mix them all together in one beast of a sandwich. For the absolute best results get different types of ġbejna, not just different flavours (i.e. buy some regular Benna or Ħanini ones from the fridge and some small, denser ones from the cheese counter). They'll have different melting points and take the whole experience to a new level.

Screen Shot 2018 02 14 At 10 35 10

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