6 Niche Speciality Restaurants In Malta You Have To Check Out

Because less is sometimes more...

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Burger joints, pizzerias and steak houses have always been a thing in Malta, but there’s been a rise in restaurants whose menu offerings have been increasingly niche.

They serve up one type of dish and they serve it up well and in different ways. Plus, you can kiss Food Envy goodbye as everyone will practically be munching on the same thing (kinda).

Here are our faves from around the island.

1. Mozzarella at HiMù

St. Julian's & Gzira

This might sound cheesy, but HiMù is grate! Why? Because it's a concept restaurant whose pièce de resistance is... mozzarella (Ella Ella ey ey ey)!

Every dish on the menu from the pastas, to the salads to the pizzas contain 100% FRESH AF buffalo milk - I kid you not.

And if you solely just want mozzy on a plate, they have various options such as Buffalo Buratta, Buffalo Burratta stuffed with pistachios, truffle or pesto, tattered mozzarella, mozzarella in different sizes.

Basically, if you played a drinking game where you downed a shot every time you read the word 'mozzarella' on their menu - you wouldn't make it alive.

It's open from 9am and you can take out!

2. Pasta in St Julian's

Get your #CarbOverload at Impasta - a speedy pasta bar that specialises in perfectly-cooked Nonna-style pasta...and we're tortellini in love with it!

Everything is freshly-prepared right in front of your hungry face in a passionate manner.

The pasta is made by hand. You can choose from a variation including Bucatini, Pappardelle, Fusilli, Casarecce to name a few. Then choose what you'd like your pasta with such as Basil Pesto (basil, pine nuts, garlic, cheese, oil), Salsiccia (sausage , broccoli, spring onion, tomato, chilli), Sicilia Bedda (fresh swordfish, aubergine, cherry tomatoes). and more!

Prices are around €8 - €13 depending on which portion size you want.

Now that's amore!

3. Crêpes at Krepree

Buġibba, Sliema

Anyone who says they don't like pancakes gives me the crepes. For everyone that does, head over to Krepree in Bugibba or Sliema. They are proof that crepes can be enjoyed as a gourmet sit down meal.

On the menu, you'll find a plethora of savoury crepes (eg. Spicy Taco, Pulled Pork, Chicken Caesar) and sweet crepes (Nutella, Honey & Ice cream, Lemon Drop) bigger than your face and generously-filled.

That's a wrap!

4. Valletta's pasta game is strong

Pastaus definitely mean business when it comes to pasta, and their dedication is strong.

They offer an array of colourful pasta dishes made in-house so you can guarantee the food to be as Fresh as The Fresh Prince.

They give love to the more traditional pasta dishes such as Carbonara and Bolognese but they really raise the bar when it comes to showing their creative well-thought out pastas.

Don't get it twisted though, they don't try too hard and keep it simple.

Mamma Mia indeed!

5. Gyros & churros in Msida

Delivering right what it says on the sign, Gyros & Churros is what's on offer at this Msida eatery.

The Greek side of the fusion will offer several different kinds of gyros such as Burger Gyro, Pizza Gyro, Original Greek Gyro, Smokey BBQ and much more.

Churros are the offering from the Spanish side of the fusion and you'll get them in different shapes, sizes and flavours.

6. Grab & Eat Sushi in St Julian's

All aboard! Sako Sushi is a sushi bar with a simple and fun concept. Look at all the sushi going round the sushi train and just grab the one you like (perfect for those who takes ages ordering).

Each plate has a different colour which represents its price.

No ordering needed.

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