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6 Of The Best Pizzerias In The South Of Malta

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Pizza is love. We all know that. However sometimes we tend to stumble upon a tragic and very sorry excuse for great food. We’re trying to help you avoid that, especially if you happen to be on the south side of the island.

Here are six of the best pizzerias you can get in the south of Malta.

1. Al Legna


This Marsascala spot may not look like much, but their varied pizza menu and super great stone oven are what really make it stand out.

It might take some time to get your food, but the wait is worth.

2. Pasta Pizza Doc


If you’re looking for a tasty and comforting lunch in the capital, this place has got you sorted.

Pasta Pizza Doc is where you can get genuine crispy but soft pizza. They give a lot of attention to the crust, so you know it’s amazing.

3. Sotto


Another well loved pizzeria in Valletta, the guys at Sotto believe in simplicity and fresh ingredients, and it really shows.

No whistles and bells here, only amazing food cooked right in front of you. This Roman style pizza will leave you longing for more as soon as you leave the place, and it’s a beloved pizzeria among the Italian community on the island.

4. Pulcinella


This place is a miracle on earth.

Their pizzas are the epitome of comfort, love and the beauty of life. You haven’t lived if you haven’t been to Pulcinella’s. This beautiful slice of life is made in the true Neapolitan style. Wash it down with a lovely beer and you’ll definitely fall in love with this place.

Pulcinella shot to fame last year when it hit a perfect online rating within hours of opening, and it’s very easy to see why in retrospect.

5. Margo’s


Margo’s is another great spot if you need your pizza craving satisfied in Valletta.

It’s one of the most beloved restaurants in Malta and for a reason, and they don’t shy away from calling themselves the best on the island. The fresh ingredients and the lovely sourdough base make a lovely combination which will hit the spot like no other.

6. Vecchia Taranto

Smart City

After work hours, not a lot of people head all the way down to Smart City, but if you were looking for a reason to make your way to this southern destination, say hello to Vecchia Taranto.

These guys really know that the way to our heart is through our stomach.

Did we miss any great pizzerias down south? Leave us a comment below

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