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6 Types Of Delivery Options We Desperately Want In Malta

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So you’ve decided to stay in, but as soon as you open your fridge, you notice an essential ingredient to your night is missing. Perhaps you’re craving something in particular, but can’t be bothered to get out of the house. 

These are the six things Malta should be able to get delivered to their houses. Because yes, #DeliveryGoals is a thing. 

1. Pastizzerias

Just think about it for a second. Pastizzi are arguably the most popular type of food in Malta with both locals and tourists. Why don’t we have pastizzi delivery already?! We get that eateries will only offer delivery if the order makes driving to your house worth it, but who are we kidding; we’ll gladly buy €20 worth of pastizzi if it means we get to have them delivered.

Also, while we’re talking about pastizzi, who wouldn’t want to have Wudy sausage rolls in bed instead?!

2. Cinema Food

Extra buttery popcorn, super cheesy nachos, and Pick ‘n’ Mix ġuġu, delivered to your home?!

We would never leave the house again.

3. Festa Food

Sure, village feasts are a whole lot of fun, but if you don’t particularly feel like getting out of the house, if the closest feast is more than a 15 minute drive away (ugh), or if it isn’t even festa season anymore, why can’t there be someone who delivers all the candy floss, qubbajt and festa hot dog from your favourite kiosk straight to your door? 

Mr. American Meals Tal-Kuġin would make a killing all year round.

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4. Alcohol for Pre-Drinking

The tradition of pre-drinking in Malta is a very strong one, to the point where sometimes, people don’t make it to the second phase and just stay at home drinking with their friends. And while most pre-drinking sessions at friends’ houses work with a BYOB basis, you need to have at least a bottle of something as a host. Cue alcohol delivery to save the day… and night.

Also, what if you don’t plan properly and run out of drinks halfway through the night?!

5. Healthy Food

It’s already a little tough to find places which exclusively sell healthy food in Malta, but when you’re looking for delivery, that list becomes worrying short. Where are all the healthy food delivery options?!

6. Dessert Delivery

Chocolate? Ice cream? Cakes? Whatever tickles your fancy and your current craving, we should have a place specifically designed for dessert which delivers straight to your door… no mater what time it is.

Tag a friend who wouldn’t leave the house either if these were available.

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