7 Farmers Markets Around Malta That You've Been Sleeping On

Getting it straight from the source


There's few places better to get your fresh fruit and vegetables at than a local farmers market.  You know the produce is coming straight from the farms and that your money is going directly to the men and women who grew the greens.

However, even though you are never too far away from a field, farmer, or farmer's truck in Malta, most people still buy their greens from the supermarket. Opting for more expensive and possibly worse grade produce just doesn't make sense when there's fresh, locally grown stuff right around the corner. 

Here are some of the food markets you've been missing out on, beautifully spread out around the island.

With special thanks to Jeanette Borg from the MaYA Foundation.

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1. Birgu

Tuesday and Saturday from 7am - 12pm

The Fortini area of Birgu plays host to one of the largest farmer's markets on the island. The Birgu market was meant to be the Pitkali of the south, and has been delivering fresh food to the people of Birgu since opening in 2013.


2. Birkirkara

Wednesday and Friday mornings

Smack dab in the centre of the island, this is the perfect market for a quick mid- or end- week shopping.

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3. Qormi

Saturday morning

Located in the centre of Qormi, this is where you want to head to so you are stocked for your weekend brunches.


4. Valletta

Sunday morning

Part of the larger Monti, the Valletta stalls may be slightly higher priced but you can be assured that they are some of the best fruits and vegetables on the island.


5. Mosta

Monday morning till early afternoon

While this isn't the biggest market around, it's one of the few to take place on a Monday. Perfect if you need to start your week with something healthy.


6. Marsaxlokk

Sunday morning to late afternoon

Marsaxlokk is well known for its fresh fish and seafood - but a little known fact is that this is also the place to go for some of the freshest capers in Malta. 

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7. Pitkali, Ta' Qali

Tuesday and Saturday from 7am - 5pm

The grand daddy of farmers markets, this is the place to go when you want the widest range of goods at the cheapest prices. And if you show up towards the end of the day, expect to find even cheaper prices.

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What other farmers markets do you know of in Malta? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who needs to join you!

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