7 Heavenly Milkshakes In Malta To Elevate Your Summer

This is what foodie dreams are made of

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If you're like us and you love summer and good food, a delicious milkshake is all it takes to elevate that combo into godliness. And if you're not sure where to being, these seven Maltese joints are definitely the ideal place.

Buckle up, and you're welcome.

1. The Hershies Cup: Thirsty Cow

Gaze upon the chocolatey glory. The only complaint Thirsty Cow ever received about this beauty was that the chocolate might've been a bit too thick... which sounds like the best thing ever, if anything. Oh, and that cup? It's edible, and made out from chocolate. Lord have mercy.

2. Strawberry & Red Velvet Frappe: The Cake Box

The Cake Box teased this beauty last week, and they'll soon be announcing more updates and a launch date. Until then, we'll just leave this photo open in a tab and stay longingly zooming in and out every couple of hours.

3. Velvet Oreo: Jalie's

Last September, Jalie's, famous for their coffees, cakes and bakes, unveiled a new line of milkshakes, including this amazingly-looking Velvet Oreo Milkshake. Other shakes on the menu included Banoffee, Bounty, Frangelico Liqueur & Hazlenut, and a Chocolate & Nut Double Dipped Doughnut Milkshake which makes our mouths water just by reading it. 

4. Take-Away Shakes: Debbie's Café

Mellieħa might be a long drive away for many people, but Debbie's milkshakes make it all worth every minute. And with their milkshakes and smoothies available for take-away, you could pair this with a beach day for ultimate guilty pleasures. 

5. Anything from JAR

JAR screams decadence, and anyone who drops by The Point is definitely spoilt for choice. We're not even going to go through the emotional rollercoaster of choosing one, because we'd instantly feel guilty of leaving out all the others, so here's to each and every work of art available there. If you're feeling like that entire chocolate feast might be a little too much, JAR have even got healthy options like this 100% fruit smoothie topped with frozen yogurt, coconut shaving and banana.

6. The Cake Shake:Flora's

How do you go about not falling in love with something that's called The Cake Shake? Flora's popular cakes are now available as milkshakes, just in case you wanted another reason to drop everything and head to Naxxar right now. And with Cakes Shakes like these red velvet & carrot and cinnamon & walnut ones, we'll be right on your tail.

7. Jack Daniel's Oreo Shake: Fat Louie's

Fat Louie's really do have a way with words and #FoodPorn, to the point where when they say something like "Now you can become an alcoholic and diabetic at the same time!", it just makes even more people want to try their new shake out. And why wouldn't they? It's an Oreo shake. With Jack Daniel's. Yes. Please.

Tag a friend who'd love a milkshake right about now.

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