7 Pancakes From Around Malta You Need To Indulge In Today

Happy Shrove Tuesday y'all!

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Shrove Tuesday is upon us, so what better way to celebrate than stuffing your faces with pancakes?!

Whether you like them sweet, savoury, alternative, stacked or wrapped, this list has something for everyone. Here are seven pancakes from around Malta that are totally worth your time.

1. The Big Boss at Becky's Cafe & Kitchen, Naxxar

With white chocolate, crunchy Nutella, flake 99, caramel dripping centre, Maltesers, icing sugar and Kinder fingers. We'll have a dozen, thanks.

2. Molly's Cafe, Mosta

Molly's have several brand new pancake flavours especially for Pancake Day today.

These include The Minty Shrek with dark chocolate, mint, After Eights and chocolate mint ice cream.

3. Red Velvet crepe at Shakes n Bakes, San Ġwann

One of the eatery's signatures, this baby is full of chocolatey goodness and comes straight from one of the people who pretty much defined pancakes in Malta in the 21st century.

Oh and if you buy two crepes, you'll get a third one free!

4. Okonomiyaki at Tokyo Fried House, St Julian's

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake consisting of cabbage and pork belly slices, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, dried seaweed and dried bonito flakes.

5. Dosa at TukTuk South Indian Street Food

Do Pancake Day the Indian way by tucking in to a dosa! A popular savoury crepe from South India with various meat or veg fillings.

But they've created a special dosa specifically for today. A thin crispy dosa with Nutella, strawberries, bananas, cardamom and cinnamon.

You won't regret it!

6. The Red Velvet at Burgers.Ink, Valletta

Which consists of a triple layer of Nutella, double choc cookie soil, Ferrero white chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream.

Most of the pancakes at this joint though are similarly decadent and pretty to look at!

7. Crepe rolls at Foam & Fork, Marsaskala

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Filled with either ham & cheese, ricotta & spinach or Nutella.

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