7 Restaurants To Go With Your Personal Fenkata Style

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A typical Maltese fenkata (meal in which you eat dishes with rabbit as their main ingredient) is unbeatable in terms of box-ticking capability. Good value for money – tick. Delicious food – tick, Perfect for large groups – tick. Drawn-out enough to get wasted during – tick. 

The list goes on. But everyone has a different fenkata style and with so many good rabbit-serving restaurants in Malta, sometimes it's hard to choose which best suits yours. Well, we've got your back on this one. Here's a list you're going to want to save somewhere you'll remember.

1. Traditional Fenkata

This is probably the most controversial style to pick one restaurant for, because there are so many brilliant traditional fenkata restaurants in Malta. Our tip is to head to the Mġarr church and pick one of the restaurants surrounding it. 

Il-Barri, Ta' l-Ingliz and Mġarr United Bar & Restaurant (although recently moved and refurbished, so this one's a little more modern) are all fantastic options for getting a bona fide authentic rabbit feast. We mean snails, spaghetti and proper massive portions of rabbit meat.

2. Induction Fenkata

If you've got a friend visiting Malta and you really want them to try authentic rabbit but they're a bit on the fence about it, then you're going to want to bring them to a restaurant where they can back out if they need to. 

Gululu Kċina Maltija is where you want to head to. Apart from having fried rabbit on their menu, they've got a bunch of other traditional dishes that would make a perfect replacement meal if a newb gets cold feet. 

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3. Not Quite A Fenkata

There are some days when you're the only person from your group of friends who fancies a rabbit-based dish. When you're being given a clear no from everyone around you, suggest Sale e Pepe in St Julians. 

They do an amazing homemade rosemary flavoured fettuccine dish with rabbit ragu` and pecorino cheese shavings. It will hit the spot perfectly and help you keep your friends. 

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4. DIY Fenkata

If you really fancy a fenkata but also want to invite your friends over for a dinner party, you're actually in luck. 

Traditional Maltese rabbit, including the spaghetti starter, is really simple to prepare, and it's one of those foods that's perfect for a entertaining – it doesn't need to be too perfect, and it's even more fun if it's not too decadent. Just pile on the garlic and makes tonnes of chips and gravy and everyone's happy. 

5. Cheap AF Fenkata

The Mġarr Farmer's Bar is an excellent choice for a fenkata that will give you a great bang for your buck, will host as many of your friends as you can herd, and will serve everything with a smile. 

Their young waiters are really passionate about making your fenkata the most enjoyable experience possible. Just remember – there are no frills here. Just rabbit, alcohol, and a final bill that will shock you. In a good way. 


6. Central Fenkata

If you're dying for a full-blown fenkata but are not too keen on trekking down to Mġarr, Marley's Bar & Restaurant in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq is where it's at. Apart from being quite close to all, it's known to have some of the best rabbit on the islands.

Don't just take our word for it – TripAdvisor really rates this place as a definite go-to fenkata joint. 

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7. Posh Fenkata

If your fenkata style is a little bit more upmarket, then you've got to try Charlie's Inn in Naxxar. Renowned for it's excellent food, this will cost you a bit more than any of the others, but you'll leave just as satisfied and feeling a little bit more genteel.

They also do much more than rabbit, so – again – if your dinner party includes people who don't want to eat the good stuff, this place is ideal for you. 


What's your fenkata style and which is your favourite restaurant to match? Tell us in the comments section on Facebook!

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