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8 Bars You Have To Check Out In Gozo

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1.  The Gleneagles Bar 

Conveniently located just 30 steps away from the Ferry Terminal, The Gleneagles Bar is as traditional as it gets. Upon entering you’ll be greeted by hundreds of fish, crabs and other sea monsters used as decoration along the entire room. 

Apparently these fish were preserved using a technique similar to taxidermy, a fact you can easily learn from the ever so friendly bar staff. This bar has everything you need: a sea view, a large selection of whiskeys and rums which you have probably never heard of, and of course an ice cold Cisk.    

2. Horatio’s Upper Deck

Also located in Mgarr, this cosy little bar often explodes with punters looking for their next round, easily filling the area around the bar. It’s got a great selection of food and drink to try before heading to Malta. Just don’t drink and drive – that’s not cool yo.

This photo of Horatio’s Upper Deck is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3. The Club House

Ok, so it’s not every day that you hear the phrase: ‘let’s go grab some beers in Ghajnsielem!’ But why not? The Club House provides some of the best views of both Comino and Malta. This sports bar/restaurant/burger joint/pizzeria/basically a kazin is ideal for those chill summer nights. This place offers splendid prices and a chance to mingle with the locals.

4. Glass Box Bar

Finally a bar in the most popular village in Gozo. No not Victoria, Marsalforn! Glass box bar is the place to be for live music and great vibes.The downside is that this bar is quite small, but that adds to the cosy character of place and friendly its charm. Bonus fact, this bar serves a variety of English and German Ales, which is great if you’re ever bored of Cisk (like that will ever happen).

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5. Zeppi’s Pub

If you’re looking for a quiet and traditional Gozitan bar, then Zeppi’s Pub is the one for you. Located in Qala, this place is all about that island life, with nice, laid back atmosphere. Perhaps this place is more of a first-date pub than a ziblata mal-mates place. It also boasts live music in the background which continues to add to the ambiance.

6.   Piutrentanove Lounge Bar

Conveniently located in Marsalforn, i.e. close to that apartment you’re renting out, Piutrentanove is the place to get that cocktail you’ve been craving. This place has a great selection of both classic and re-visited cocktails at a decent price. And you could also order one of their amazing pizzas to share with your friend.

7. Tapie’s Bar

Warning, this bar is not for the faint-hearted. Located in Victoria, Tapie’s Bar is a classic Gozitan style Kazin. Expect all the benefits you would normally expect from a kazin, such as cheap beer and great opening hours, but also all the negatives such as local inhabitants who like to stare. Joking apart, this place is great for meeting the genuine Gozitans and sharing a couple of stories over a pint. 

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8. Gebuba Wine Bar

As the name might suggest, yes this place is quite small, however offers a large range of drinks. Of course being a wine bar Gebuba specializes in wine and has the appearance of an old wine cellar that you would typically expect from the Mediterranean region. This bar, located in Nadur offers readers a more upscale type of drinking experience, and as is common with Gozitan bars, offers that relaxed village vibe we all need this summer.   

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