8 Best Places Where You Can Get Your Coffee Fix In Malta And Gozo

From Valletta to Victoria, we've got you covered

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We all need to get some coffee in our system at least three times a day and that instant monstrosity won’t always do the job. Craving that aromatically pleasant and creamy brew is pretty much like an instinct for us Maltese, but getting our need satisfied is a bit of a hit and miss.

Here are nine places around Malta and Gozo which will satisfy your need for that much needed cup of hugs.

1. Bunna Café

Victoria, Gozo

This is hands down the best spot where you can get your caffeine fix on the sister island.

Not only is it great value for money, but drinking Bunna's cappuccino feels like getting a super comforting hug from your favourite human. They also serve it in a mug, which is a giant plus for us.

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Photo by martina.riz

2. Sicilia Mia by Valenzano


You’ll obviously find a lot of Sicilian-style cafés on this list. We have a bit of a soft spot for these guys though, mostly due to their delicious cannoli and heavenly looking pastries.

Sicilia Mia is always packed, and their freshly-made treats that look like they were made by angels could be a very good reason.

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Photo by cardumaltese

3. Lot Sixty One

Valletta, Carob Tree (Spinola)

These guys really know how to hit the spot. There are two Lot Sixty Ones on the island, one in Valletta and the other in St. Julian’s. But the one located near is-Suq tal-Belt is a bit more homely.

If you feel like having a quick pick-me-up mid-shopping trip, Lot Sixty One is where you should be heading next.

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Photo by lotsixtyonemalta

4. Mint


This lovely spot will not only bless you with beautiful coffee, but with delicious snacks too. They have a varied choice of vegan and vegetarian snacks and sweets.

The view is also pretty cool, so you can sit down and enjoy that perfect coffee as you watch the world go by.

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Photo by mintmalta

5. French Affaire


This cute café is a total treat.

Not only is their coffee super creamy and well made, but their pastries will literally make you cry tears of joy. Please have a croissant while you're there. Please.

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Photo by frenchaffairemalta

6. Dolci Peccati


Dolci Peccati is where you need to drag your ass to every morning if you work in the Sliema area.

They will make your mornings simply amazing with their creamy and delicious coffees, trust us. There’s a very big chance that you will also be buying one of their beautiful treats, so treat yourself to breakfast next time you pop by.

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Photo by blondygomes

7. Coffee Circus


If you need to plop down on a comfortable seat and read your favourite book, head down to this cute spot in the middle of Mosta.

It’s tiny, but they really make up for it with their delightful coffees and cosy atmosphere.

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Photo by coffee.circus

8. Delizie Siciliane


This place is hands down one of the best pastry shops on the island.

It’s a super tiny shop in High Street which you might totally miss if it wasn’t for the enticing aroma invading your senses when you’re close by.

Apart from the rich coffees, they also serve pleasant savoury treats and divine sweets.

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Photo by zahari_vitanow

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