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8 Happy Hours: An Ode To A Sliema Restaurant That Really Knows How to Please

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Imagine spending the same time as you do in the office every day, drinking two-for-one cocktails in the sun and devouring some of the finest food this side of Sliema.

The Compass Lounge is one of the first gabbanas to greet you on Sliema’s north promenade and is also the perfect place to quench your thirst on a day off.

Why, we hear you ask?

There are so many reasons this restaurant needs to be on your radar.

They open every day from 8:30am, welcoming the early-risers with a hearty budget-friendly Full English (served with a free tea, coffee or fresh juice). And the rest of their breakfast menu won’t break the bank – leaving room in your wallet for everything else they offer.

Barely scraping into elevenses time, you’ll notice the bar light up with friendly faces both in front and behind, at which point you may as well start praying for your liver’s sake.

Compass Lounge runs what they call Happy Hour, but we feel it ought to be called a modern day miracle. From 10am to 6pm, they have a plethora of cocktails available on a buy one get one free basis. That’s a whole 8 hours of free drinks!

Whether you’re curing a hangover with an Italian-style Bloody Mary or starting your day with a Long Island Ice Tea, they have something for everyone. And for those wise enough not to give in to temptation, they offer non-alcoholic twists on a number of classic cocktails.

But that’s not even the end of it!

We haven’t even spoken about the real MVP here: their a’ la carte menu.

They’ve got salads for days for every kind of diet, burgers so juicy your server will know your name by the time you’ve asked for enough napkins, pizza with a crust so Mediterranean you’ll feel homesick if you close your eyes, platters for the nibblers among us, and a to-die-for double chocolate fudge cake to seal it all in with.

Hell, if you really want to experience Compass in all its glory, they’ll be more than happy to light a shisha and let you puff away on whatever fruity flavour tickles your fancy after all that food.


With blankets and heaters all-year-round for those breezy Summer nights, you’d be crazy not to check this place out if you haven’t done so yet. And if you ever do, let us know how long you last – they are open until 3am, after all…

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