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8 Places To Get The Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails In Malta

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Sometimes, you want to have a bit of a detox, or maybe you’re that teetotal friend who doesn’t want to stick to water or a fizzy drink when you’re out with your friends at a bar.

Whatever the reason, give your liver a good rest with these creative mocktails.

PS: May we also remind you that Dry January is around the corner, so perhaps cocktails without the booze could be great a New Year’s Resolution. Just saying.

Here are the best place to get some awesome, alcohol-free cocktails on the island.

1. The Thirsty Barber

St. Julian’s

This 1920s prohibition style has a few pretty cool mocktail options.

The Bugsy Malone (ginger beer, cinnamon, orange, apple, built in a Hobstar glass and garnished with apple and rosemary); Tallulah (pineapple and orange with a dash of lime to round off the citrus elements); Blousie (ginger ale, fresh lime and hibiscus with a hint of rose syrup. Doubled strained over ice in a traditional cocktail jar and hisbicus flower).

And more.

2. Hammett’s Gastro Bar


Just as great as regular cocktails… but without the hangover.

Hammett’s have a great choice of non-alcoholic cocktails which include the Pomegranate Faujito (pomegranate, agave syrup, fresh lime, mint, soda) or try the Mumbai mule with coconut milk, lime, cardamom & turmeric syrup and ginger beer).

3. Chalice Bar

St. Julian’s

The non boozy cocktails at Chalice come in the form of ‘The Clean & Lean (cucumber, basil, lemon and aloe vera) or The Cold Fashioned (coffee, aromatic bitters, orange bitters, cherry clove syrup, Maraschino cherries, orange zest) to name a few.

4. MedAsia Playa


MedAsia offer virgin versions of the classic cocktails such as a mojito, pina colada and caipirinha.

5. Hugo’s Terrace

St. Julians

The Virgin Colada, St George’s Bay, Virgin Mary or Johanna’s Dream are just some of the zero alcohol cocktails you’ll find at Hugo’s Terrace

6. Miracles Lounge


Sip on Just Berries (strawberry & raspberry puree blended with coconut syrup and topped with cranberry sauce), Pinepple Passion or a lemondade mojito at Miracles Lounge


St. Julian’s

Some of the non-alcoholic concoctions from TAPAZ are Heavenly Angel (strawberry puree, coconut syrup pineapple juice, fresh banana, grenadine), the Banoffee Love with fresh banana, butterscotch syrup, milk & cream or the Grandma’s Potion which includes apple Juice, cinnamon syrup, lemon Juice & mint.

8. Tex Mex Bar & Grill


Priced at €5 each, you can expect non-boozy potions such as Sunset Over Sliema (banana, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, orange juice, strawberries & cream), Miss Ala (strawberries, strawberry syrup, blackcurrant, milk & cream) or how about the Creamy Dream with banana, coconut syrup, apple juice, cinnamon, sugar, ice-cream & cream).

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