8 Restaurants In Malta That Have Marvellous Meagre Fish On Their Menus

Gurbell is life, gurbell is love

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Meagre (or gurbell) is a fantastic fish which is thankfully one of Malta's locals. Its fleshy, delicate, white meat is appetising on any plate and we love it either grilled, fried, steamed or battered!

It is sometimes forgotten about on menus (or overshadowed by other fish options) but not in these restaurants.

1. Quadro Restaurant, St Julian's

Herb crusted meagre with scallop mousse tortellini, mange tout, bacon & chicory warm salad, celeriac puree and red wine fish sauce. And it's part of their brand spanking new menu!

2. Rocksalt, St Julian's

Rocksalt serve up brown meagre with seasonal veg, pomme fondant and beurre blanc.

3. Rickshaw, Attard

Rickshaw offer fresh brown meagre simmered in a spiced red curry sauce with ginger basil and coconut milk.

4. Fifty Nine Republic, Valletta

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Battered grey meagre served with pea and truffle potato is what you'll find on their menu.

5. Le Bistro, St Julian's

Le Bistro offer seared brown meagre with pak choi, parsnip puree and red wine jus.

6. Taproom, Valletta

Tuck into a pan fried meagre with fondant potato, baby aubergine, kalamata and olive salsa.

7. Caviar & Bull, St Julian's

Meagre fish buried in rock salt, baked at 200 degrees and served tableside.

8. Barracuda, St Julian's

A fancy fillet of brown meagre poached in squid ink, crusted with coconut and almond flakes on a mango and ginger infusion.

BONUS: The Chef's Table, Buġibba

Their brand new menu (which is launching on 10th February) will feature pan fried meagre with seasonal veg and extra olive oil.

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