9 Places In Malta To Get Your Chicken Wing On

It's about to get saucy

Crown Royal Wings

Chicken wings have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity, in part due to awesome shows like Hot Ones as well as more and more Maltese eateries serving dope chicken wings. 

From Buffalo wings to Blueberry chipotle to Louisiana style chicken-wings, Malta slowly been upping it's chicken wing game.

Here are some of the best chicken wings on the island.

1. Novi Bar, Gzira

Probably the best buffalo chicken wings on the island - grab an Arizona Iced Tea from the fridge while there and feel like you are in Texas. 

2. Tex Mex, Sliema

Spicy buffalo wings are always going to be good, but definitely go for the blueberry chipotle wings at Tex Mex - they are sweet and bright while still slightly spicy. 

3. The Avenue, Paceville

This is the place to come to if you want to a veritable, yet affordable, buffet of starters, including but not limited to chicken wings, spring rolls, fried calamari, and beef carpaccio.

Theavenue Chickenwings

4. Beer Kitchen, Luqa

They have good beer. They have good deep fried chicken wings in a sweet and spicy sauce. What else does a person need?


5. Fredy's Diner, Qormi

Fredy's Diner is easily one of the best American style eateries to open up recently, and their buffalo chicken wings hailing straight from Buffalo, New York, are both sweet and spicy wings - and come with a tasty ranch dip.

6. Fat Louie's, Paceville

Fat Louie's offer two types of chicken wings: buffalo wings cooked in a peri peri hot sauce and served with a gorgonzola dip. And buttermilk fried chicken wings, bringing next level crispiness to the table. 

7. The Dubliner, St. Julians

Come to this Irish pub just down the road from Paceville to get some proper Louisiana-style wings.

8. Fortizza, Sliema

Fortizza marinate their chicken wings and cook and serve them in a homemade BBQ sauce.

Crown Royal Wings

9. Brass & Knuckles, Naxxar

Gourmet chicken wings to go along with your sirloin main. 

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