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WATCH: A New Restaurant In The South Of Malta Is About To Reinvent Meat And Fish Dishes

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Marsaxlokk is known to have some pretty incredible fish, and their meat section ain’t too shabby either.

But a new restaurant is coming to town, and by the looks of things, they could be redefining how to cook meats and fish in the sleepy fishing village.

Tex Mex, the restaurant responsible for some the most finger-lickin’ American-style dishes in Malta, is opening up their newest establishment, with a bit of a twist.

Tex Mex South will be see the classic Tex-Mex style of cooking mixed with some new and exciting ingredients that could really change the game.

The menu hasn’t been confirmed, but if tentative dishes like the insane-sounding nacho cheese-cooked salmon are anything to go by, they really could be offering fish in way Marsaxlokk has ever seen.

And if there’s ever been a town that has seen fish dishes, it’s Marsaxlokk.

One reason for the hype is the kitchen equipment and training going into the kitchen. Under the watch of experienced Head Chef Adam, the kitchen will feature an incredible Robata grill system, the first of its kind on the island.

This world class cooking system ensures even heat distribution and an epic level of fat rendering in meats. It also offers a deeper aroma and can be used with charcoal or wood.

They’ve also invested in a top-of-the-line ice-cream machine, and even visited Bologna to get some extra ideas for some ice-cream wonders.

Tex Mex South will be opening in the next few weeks, when they will be unveiling their new menu. Until then, at least we have the sound of this steak sizzling on the new Robata grill. 

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