A Starbucks In Mellieħa?! Signs Promising Malta's Second Branch Of International Coffee Giant Appear

Just in time for iced coffee season

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A new Starbucks is set to open in a cosy corner of Mellieħa, meaning you'll soon be able to chill on Għadira beach with your grande double vanilla latte frappacino.

While it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, signs with the Starbucks logo and the words "Opening Soon" have appeared on a building in the Tunny Net area of Mellieħa, indicating that the Americn franchise may soon be opening a location in the north of Malta.

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This would be the second Starbucks outlet to open on the island, after the first was announced at the Valletta Waterfront

Details may still be scarce, but it's a safe bet to say the outlet will be opening in that corner, what with the Sea Bank hotel and Għadira beach located so close.

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